Looking for an AppDynamics alternative (and more!), look no further!

Sematext allows you to correlate logs with performance metrics quickly, easily and without contracts or commitments both in the Cloud and On-Premises.

6,000+ companies have used Sematext Cloud

Application, Infrastructure and Log Monitoring in one

Unlike AppDynamics, which offers no free plan, Sematext’s Basic Plan allows for up to 5 hosts for application and infrastructure monitoring and up to 500 MB/day for log monitoring, absolutely free of charge

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Free for 30 days. No credit card required.


Simple pricing model

Unlike AppDynamics, who do not publish pricing, Sematext strives to be as transparent as possible. As well as publishing our pricing on our website, we also use a licensing model that is clear to understand. For APM functionality, customers are charged per agent used for monitoring. Simple!

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Software license and subscription costs

Whereas traditional APM vendors such as AppDynamics have a pricing model set up to favour Enterprise customers, Sematext has plans for organisations of all sizes, from small startups to Fortune 100 companies. Sematext Cloud pricing is metered and based on the running time of the app / server being monitored. This means that users are only charged for actual usage and can scale up, down or even stop using the service at any time. Our clients have found a dramatic TCO improvement when they have moved from AppDynamics to Sematext, regardless of the size of their implementation.

Ease of Use

Traditional APM solutions require too much training, can take far too long to install and require the user to build out their own custom dashboards and alert rules. On the other hand, it takes as little as a few minutes to set up Sematext thanks to out-of-the-box agents, dashboards, alerts and anomaly detection rules, built specifically for the technology you are monitoring and requiring very little configuration.

Best in Class

Unlike other vendors who typically offer only performance monitoring tools, logging tools, or only Big Data consulting services, Sematext pulls together all of these related core competencies into one solution suite of products and services. Thanks to these expertise, we boast a feature rich monitoring/logging platform with a particular speciality in web applications written in Java plus best in class Solr, Elasticsearch and Docker monitoring.

Full functionality Monitoring and Logging

Sematext Cloud allows you to jump from alerts, to metrics, to root cause log analysis all in one platform. This not only makes life easier, but also saves on the cost of licensing for multiple tools. Unlike other vendors, who traditionally have specialised in APM and infrastructure monitoring and have built out minimum functionality in logging, Sematext have built a feature rich platform that allows correlation of application, infrastructure and log monitoring all in one.

What our customers love about Sematext

  • Fast & Easy Setup
  • OOTB Integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Alerting – get notified before something breaks!
  • Centralized logging (All-in-one)
  • No maintenance efforts
  • Value for the cost
  • Great support team, always there to help via online chat or email

What our customers are saying

“Sematext is great for monitoring SolrCloud, with out of the box dashboards and easy to setup alerts”

Chris George Manager – VIPConsult

“Sematext Logs provides us a flexible, extensible and reliable means of monitoring all of our environments in real time.”

Zach David Test Automation Lead – Healthgrades

“Sematext shows one unified view for all of our Docker log, events, and metrics!”

Ben Reichter DevOps Engineer – Tozny

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See Sematext Cloud in Action

See our dashboard in action

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