Solr Digest, March 2010

As you probably already know, there were some big changes in Lucene/Solr world. They were already mentioned in Lucene Digest post for March, but here we’ll summarize changes related to Solr: Lucene and Solr are now merged in svn, repositories […]

HBase Digest, March 2010

We were waiting until the end of the month hoping to include coverage of the new HBase 0.20.4 version, but HBase developers are still working on it. This release will contain a lot of critical fixes and enhancements, so stay […]

Hadoop Digest, March 2010

Main news first: Hadoop 0.20.2 was released! The list of changes may be found in the release notes here. Related news: Maven artifacts have been pushed to This version has entered Debian unstable repository. Cloudera officially announced CDH2 release […]

Nutch Digest, March 2010

This is the first post in the Nutch Digest series and a little introduction to Nutch seems in order. Nutch is a multi-threaded and, more importantly, a distributed Web crawler with distributed content processing (parsing, filtering), full text indexer and […]

Lucene Digest, March 2010

Welcome to another edition of the Lucene monthly Digest post. As reported by @lucene, Lucene and Solr have merged.  This pretty big change didn’t happen over night.  As a matter of fact, the Lucene/Solr developers went through a pretty intense […]