Nutch Digest, April 2010

In the first part of this Nutch Digest we’ll go through new and useful features of the upcoming Nutch 1.1 release, while in the second part we’ll focus on developments and plans for next big Nutch milestone, Nutch 2.0. But, […]

Solr Digest, April 2010

Another month is almost over, so it is time for our regular monthly Solr Digest. This time we’ll focus on interesting JIRA issues, so let’s start: Issue SOLR-1860 intends to improve stopwords list handling in Solr, based on recent Lucene’s […]

Poll: Handling lucene-dev Merge

Lucene and Solr projects merged recently, as we mentioned in Solr Digest and Lucene Digest for March 2010.  Today, their -dev mailing lists finally finally merged.  Since Sematext runs the service that makes these lists (and more) searchable, we […]