Solr Digest, January 2010

Similar to our Lucene Digest post , we’ll occasionally cover recent developments in the  Solr world. Although Solr 1.4 was released only two months ago, work on new features for 1.5 (located in the svn trunk) is in full gear: […]

Lucene Digest, January 2010

In this debut Lucene Digest post we’ll cover some of the recent interesting happenings in Lucene-land. For anyone who missed it, Lucene 3.0.0 is out (November 2009).  The difference between 3.0.0 and the previous release is that 3.0.0 has no […]

Lucene TLP Digests

We promised we’d blog more in 2010.  One of the things you’ll see on this blog in 2010 are regularly irregular periodic Digests of interesting or significant development in various projects under the Lucene Top Level Project.  The thinking is […]

Blog Volume, 2010

Happy 2010, subscribers! If you were to judge Sematext by its blogging frequency, you’d think we are out of business.  Luckily, the reason for low blogging volume in 2009 is quite the opposite – we’ve been busy developing several products […]

Hiring Lucene, Solr, Nutch, Hadoop, NLP People

Hear, hear! We are looking for people passionate about search/information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning, text analytics, recommendation engines, and related topics.  Please see the Sematext Jobs page for a bit more information.  If you enjoy working with Lucene, […]

Sematext Blog Introduction

Here it is – Sematext’s new and shinny blog. We’ll be writing about topics that are dear and important to us – search (both web search and enterprise search), text analytics, natural language processing (sentiment detection, named entity recognition…), machine […]