Poll Results: HBase Version Distribution

The results for HBase version distribution poll are in.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!

The distribution pie chart is below, but we could summarize it as follows:

  • A big chunk of HBase clusters, about 30%, are still “stuck” on HBase 0.94.x
  • Over 37% of the HBase clusters are on 0.98.x that, until very recently, was the latest stable version
  • Only about 7% of clusters are on the 0.96.x and we can assume these clusters will soon migrate to either 0.98.x or 1.0.x
  • Somewhat surprisingly, almost 20% of HBase clusters are already on HBase 1.0.0 even though 1.0.0 was released only a few weeks ago

It’s great to see so many clusters moving to 1.0.0 so quickly! As for why there are still so many clusters using 0.94.x, which is several years old, see this comment on the HBase mailing list.  Here at Sematext we make heavy use of HBase and were on 0.94.x version for a long time, too.  A few months ago we’ve moved to 0.98.x and have been enjoying all its benefits.  Furthermore, we’ve recently updated SPM for HBase to monitor a pile of new HBase metrics that provide interesting new insights about our HBase clusters though some of the new metric charts.  For example, we are now able to see the dramatic impact of major compactions on data locality (and thus HBase performance!) — see for yourself – https://apps.sematext.com/spm-reports/s/VhOltU14Cy, or the number and size of HLog files over time — https://apps.sematext.com/spm-reports/s/7LU1qvs7ur.

HBase version distribution
Apache HBase Version Distribution

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Announcing HBase Refcard

We’re happy to announce the very first HBase Refcard proudly authored by two guys from Sematext.  We hope people will find the HBase Refcard useful in their work with HBase, along with the wonderful Apache HBase Reference Guide.  If you think the refcard is missing some important piece of information that deserves to be included or that it contains superfluous content, please do let us know! (e.g., via comments here)

Presentation: Intro to HBase

Last week we had our inaugural HBase NYC meetup.  About 30 people turned up – not bad for the first meetup.  Etsy, Sematext old customer and Brooklyn neighbours, provided the space, AV equipment and help, as well as their fridge with beer – thanks!  Alex gave two talks, first the Introduction to HBase whose slides (audio) are below and then Intro to HBase Internals and Schema Design.

We’re hiring people who want to work WITH and ON HBase and other Big Data technologies.  See jobs @ sematext.