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DevOps tools for AWS

Monitoring tools for DevOps teams

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Sematext API

All-in-one monitoring solution: Metrics, Logs, User Analysis & Tracing, finally together.

As one of the AWS technologies partners, we leverage the years of experience behind our team to ensure your success on AWS.
We provide tools for DevOps teams that allows you to move faster by mapping and monitoring their entire infrastructure in real-time, improve user experience by monitoring performance, offer hassle-free log management, server monitoring with a low-footprint monitoring agent, and much more.

Your application is a living breathing entity that grows and scales based on the requirements of your users. Frameworks will be updated and plugins will be swapped. With Sematext you’ll understand the intricacies of every moving part in your infrastructure and will give you key insights into what it takes to accelerate your growth and provide a stellar experience for your customers.

Sematext encompasses infrastructure, real user & synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing, and log management. Sematext Cloud also offers flexible app-scoped pricing based on the plan, volume, and retention selection.

Get the most out of Amazon web services by understanding exactly what happens behind the scenes with Sematext Cloud.



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