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Sematext Fluent Bit Integration

In order to make Fluent Bit send logs to your Sematext App, you need to configure it with the Elasticsearch plugin and the correct Sematext endpoint by specifying:

  • Host: /

  • Port: 80 / 443

  • Index: Logsene App Token

  • tls: On / Off

**TLS should be set to On for SSL/HTTPS, for HTTP this should be set to Off.

Tailing a File

To send the contents of the file /tmp/logfile.log, you would edit your configuration file to include the following:

    Name        tail
    Tag         sematext
    Path        /tmp/logfile.log

    Name        es
    Match       sematext
    Port        443
    tls         On
    Index       LOGSENE_APP_TOKEN
    Type        _doc

To get started quickly, you can simply download Fluent Bit and install it. Then you would edit the default configuration file /etc/fluent-bit/fluent-bit.conf adding in the sections above, before starting Fluent Bit as follows:

/opt/fluent-bit/bin/fluent-bit -c /etc/fluent-bit/fluent-bit.conf

After it starts, log entries from the specified file will be shipped to your Sematext Logs App and you can then start searching them within Sematext.