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Tag Support

What's a Tag?

To help you manage your metrics, hosts, and containers, and to help you create more useful dashboards, you can assign metadata to each host/server/container in the form oftags.

Tags let you to organize your SPM hosts/servers/containers in different ways – for example by role, owner, or environment. Each tag consists of a key and a value, separated by the ':' character.

We recommend that you devise a set of tag keys that meet your needs for each host and to keep the tag set small and clean. Using a consistent and not overly broad set of tag keys makes it easier for you make the most of SPM and avoid chaos. Tags will help you create Alerts for hosts/servers/containers under certain tags or add dashboard widgets based on tags you have defined.

AWS Tags Support

SPM client has the ability to:

  1. Collect AWS/EC2 tags and send them to SPM. EC2 Instances should be created with AWS IAM Rolethat has policy 'AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess'. See AWS/EC2 User Guide
  2. Send EC2 Instance Type and Availability Zone as tags.

Excluding Specific Tags

To exclude tags and thus not send them to SPM just edit the monitor configuration file - /opt/spm/spm-monitor/conf/spm-monitor-config-${token}-${jvm}.properties:

# uncomment and add tags which should be excluded
# SPM_SUPPRESS_TAGS=project:baz, node:qux

AWS tag collection is enabled by default. To disable AWS tags collection adjust the following in the /opt/spm/spm-monitor/conf/spm-monitor-config-${token}-${jvm}.properties file:

# use true|false if you want/don't want to send AWS tags to SPM

Adding Tags

To add tags edit the monitor configuration file - /opt/spm/spm-monitor/conf/spm-monitor-config-${token}-${jvm}.properties:

# uncomment and specify tags you want to send to SPM
# SPM_MONITOR_TAGS="env:local, project:projectName, role:slave"

Adding Tags in SPM for Docker

Tags are provided by the environment variable SPM_MONITOR_TAGS for example:

docker run -e SPM_MONITOR_TAGS="env:dev, project:projectName, role:webfrontend" ... sematext/sematext-agent-docker

Adding Tags in SPM for Node.js

Tags could be configured in the config file "./.spmagentrc" or /etc/spmagentrc

SPM_MONITOR_TAGS = env:dev, project:projectName, role:webfrontend

or by the environment variable SPM_MONITOR_TAGS, e.g. on Linux:

export SPM_MONITOR_TAGS="env:dev, project:projectName, role:webfrontend"