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[ANNOUNCE] - New committer - Jörg Rade - Isis - [mail # user]
...Many congrats, Jörg!El lun., 23 mar. 2020 a las 10:05, Dan Haywood (<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) escribió:> Hi folks,>> I'm delighted to announce that Jörg Rade has been voted in as a...
   Author: Óscar Bou , 2020-03-23, 09:07
[ISIS-1509] Extending Action Dialogs: new kind of Support Action to contribute to Action Parameters - Isis - [issue]
...See also ISIS-1993~~~Factory Methods should be able to be identified as that.It could be useful, for example, when executing any action.For any param of any type, Apache Isis could offer the...    Author: Óscar Bou , 2020-03-19, 18:47
[ISIS-1807] Wrap Domain Entities by default - Isis - [issue]
...Maybe this should be controlled by a new nature on domain services?  Whether to wrap should be "inherited", ie if invoke a wrapped domain service then any entities returned would also be wra...    Author: Óscar Bou , 2020-03-19, 18:18
[ISIS-1121] Integ Tests: allow them to simulate a new Authentication Session - Isis - [issue]
...There are some integration tests where the authentication context used can be relevant (i.e., for testing Application Tenancy configured through the Isis Security Add-on)....    Author: Óscar Bou , 2020-03-19, 17:05
[ISIS-563] [WON'T FIX] Implement generic Spec Transformers for BDD tests - Isis - [issue]
...If the user follows simple conventions when writing BDD tests, some inference can be done from them and a generic Spec Transformer can be used for deriving the Entity from the Gherkin's sent...    Author: Óscar Bou , 2020-03-19, 14:08
Towards 2.0.0 - proposing milestones - Isis - [mail # dev]
...Hi Dan,I would also considered the “always wrapped” theme, as a way to ensure Domain Entities always are conformant to their hide/disable/validate constraints (and other forced through actio...
   Author: Óscar Bou , 2018-01-05, 12:44
Thoughts on future of the Java ecosystem - Isis - [mail # dev]
...Hi Andy,Completely agree that we should support standards to ease adoption.Regarding Dependency Injection, Dan introduced Guice time ago and if I remember it well, he argued about the motiva...
   Author: Óscar Bou , 2017-10-11, 11:04
Quartz | ISIS Metamodel Validation errors - Isis - [mail # user]
...Dear Jayesh,As you’ve discovered, Isis will automatically add to the metamodel as actions all public methods on Domain Entities and Services.When those public methods are intended as interna...
   Author: Óscar Bou , 2017-10-08, 14:58
New Member joins the Apache Isis Team - Isis - [mail # user]
...Welcome Andi !!!Really nice to count with you !!> El 5 oct 2017, a las 21:50, Martin Grigorov  escribió:> > Welcome to the team, Andi!> > Martin Grigorov> Wicket Train...
   Author: Óscar Bou , 2017-10-06, 06:44