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[GEODE-8200] Rebalance operations stuck in "IN_PROGRESS" state forever - Geode - [issue]
...We use the management REST API to call rebalance immediately before stopping a server to limit the possibility of data loss. In a cluster with 3 locators, 3 servers, and no regions, we notic...    Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-05-28, 21:24
[GEODE-8078] Exceptions in locator logs when hitting members REST endpoint - Geode - [issue]
...I'm seeing the following exceptions in locator logs when I try to hit the REST endpoint /management/v1/members/{id} before the member has finished starting up. The reason I need to do this i...    Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-05-21, 00:31
[GEODE-8077] Logging to Standard Out - Geode - [issue]
...The description below is from RFC Logging to Standard OutProblemCurrently logging to stdout is not consistent between client, server and locator. If log-file is null on a client then it will...    Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-05-05, 23:36
RFC - Logging to Standard Out - Geode - [mail # dev]
...I think this could be moved to "In Development" since there is consensus. Icreated a JIRA for it:
   Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-05-05, 23:35
[DISCUSS] Replace UDP messaging for membership with TCP - Geode - [mail # dev]
...This proposal sounds good to me. +1 to using standard security implementation based on TLS> On Apr 1, 2020, at 3:20 PM, Dan Smith  wrote:> >> When we move from a reliable UD...
   Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-04-03, 23:47
[expand - 2 more] - [DISCUSS] Redundancy Gfsh Commands - Geode - [mail # dev]
...Yes, thanks for clarifying.> On Apr 2, 2020, at 10:12 AM, Donal Evans  wrote:> > Re-sending this from the correct email address. I think the original got> eaten.> > &g...
   Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-04-02, 17:16
[VOTE] Apache Geode 1.12.0.RC4 - Geode - [mail # dev]
...+1 (non-binding)Steps I took:- Built from source and ran unit tests- Used GFSH to create a locator and server and do some puts/gets- Checked version in GFSH- Built and ran all of the example...
   Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-03-30, 22:00
WAN replication issue in cloud native environments - Geode - [mail # dev]
...I thought the deadline for comments was extended until today (27th), so I added a new comment on the RFC. I’m confused about the direction we are taking with this proposal.- Aaron> On Mar...
   Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-03-27, 19:02
[VOTE] Using Github issues and wiki for geode-kafka-connector project - Geode - [mail # dev]
...YES +1> On Mar 23, 2020, at 7:42 AM, Bruce Schuchardt  wrote:> > +1> > On 3/21/20, 5:17 PM, "Nabarun Nag"  wrote:> >    Hello team,> >   ...
   Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-03-23, 15:33
[GEODE-7830] Management REST API rebalance endpoints return confusing operationResults - Geode - [issue]
...We observed odd behavior regarding the operationResult object returned in the rebalance API: It contains success=false if the cluster has no regions or has no servers. This is confusing beca...    Author: Aaron Lindsey , 2020-03-12, 15:49