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[ANNOUNCE] Please welcome Lijin Bin to the HBase PMC - HBase - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations and welcome, Lijin Bin!Best RegardsAllan YangReid Chan  于2020年5月26日周二 上午10:14写道:>> Welcome Lijin!>>>> -------------------------->> Best regards,&...
   Author: Allan Yang , 2020-05-26, 06:47
[HBASE-20601] Add multiPut support and other miscellaneous to PE - HBase - [issue]
...Add some useful stuff and some refinement to PE tool1. Add multiPut supportThough we have BufferedMutator, sometimes we need to benchmark batch put in a certain number.Set --multiPut=number ...    Author: Allan Yang , 2020-05-06, 19:18
[HBASE-20727] Persist FlushedSequenceId to speed up WAL split after cluster restart - HBase - [issue]
...We use flushedSequenceIdByRegion and storeFlushedSequenceIdsByRegion in ServerManager to record the latest flushed seqids of regions and stores. So during log split, we can use seqids stored...    Author: Allan Yang , 2020-04-24, 10:27
[HBASE-21649] Complete Thrift2 - HBase - [issue]
...Thrift1 and Thrift2 coexists in our project for a very long time. Functionality is more complete in thrift1 but its interface design is bad for adding new features(so we have get(), getVer()...    Author: Allan Yang , 2020-01-22, 06:20
[HBASE-17265] Region left unassigned in master failover when region failed to open - HBase - [issue]
...This problem is very similar with HBASE-13330. It is also a result of ServerShutdownHandler and AssignmentManager 'thought' the region will be assigned by each other, and left the region rem...    Author: Allan Yang , 2020-01-17, 04:17
[HBASE-21035] Meta Table should be able to online even if all procedures are lost - HBase - [issue]
...After HBASE-20708, we changed the way we init after master starts. It will only check WAL dirs and compare to Zookeeper RS nodes to decide which server need to expire. For servers which's di...    Author: Allan Yang , 2019-11-21, 17:37
[HBASE-20990] One operation in procedure batch throws an exception will cause all RegionTransitionProcedures receive the same exception - HBase - [issue]
...In AMv2, we batch open/close region operations and call RS with executeProcedures API. But, in this API, if one of the region's operations throws an exception, all the operations in the batc...    Author: Allan Yang , 2019-11-21, 13:59
[HBASE-20976] SCP can be scheduled multiple times for the same RS - HBase - [issue]
...SCP can be scheduled multiple times for the same RS:1. a RS crashed, a SCP was submitted for it2. before this SCP finish, the Master crashed3. The new master will scan the meta table and fin...    Author: Allan Yang , 2019-11-21, 13:57
[ANNOUNCE] Please welcome Wellington Chevreuil to the Apache HBase PMC - HBase - [mail # user]
...Congratulations, Wellington!Best RegardsAllan YangYu Li  于2019年11月7日周四 下午11:51写道:> Congratulations and welcome, Wellington!>> Best Regards,> Yu>>> On Sun, 3 Nov 201...
   Author: Allan Yang , 2019-11-08, 02:32
[HBASE-21292] IdLock.getLockEntry() may hang if interrupted - HBase - [issue]
...This is a rare case found by my colleague which really happened on our production env. Thread may hang(or enter a infinite loop ) when try to call IdLock.getLockEntry(). Here is the case:1. ...    Author: Allan Yang , 2019-10-03, 07:32