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[ISIS-2341] Ongoing: CI Maintenance - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-28, 06:34
[ISIS-2033] Spring Data Integration - Isis - [issue]
...Re-platforming Apache Isis on Spring Boot + Spring Data...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-28, 06:33
[ISIS-2427] Create a Docker Image showcasing the Vaadin Demo. - Isis - [issue]
...also rename demo-springboot -> demo-wicket...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-24, 18:29
[ISIS-2437] Tooling: Sync Gradle files from Maven POMs - Isis - [issue]
...Todo: generate tree model of a Maven multi-module project generate tree model of a Gradle multi-module project diff those 2 models into a deficiency model let a deficiency handler correct is...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-24, 18:24
[ISIS-2435] Commons: Polishing - Isis - [issue]
...remove CDI specific code ensure internal classes have underscore prefix write an about.adoc...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-22, 05:36
[ISIS-2428] Cleanup inconsistent Artifact Names - Isis - [issue]
...Commons to be common to the entire Apache Isis -> org.apache.isis.commons:isis-commons Isis-Parent to be parent to the entire Apache Isis ...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-19, 13:34
[ISIS-2426] Add Tooling Infrastructure (Project Introspection, Code Mining/Analysis, Reporting) - Isis - [issue]
...Gather those building blocks under /tooling, targeted for JVM 11+. These are expected to not depend on any of the Core modules. Future extension:Add PlantUML diagrams with c4 macros. Generat...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-19, 13:34
[ISIS-2434] Bump Spring Boot 2.3.2.RELEASE to 2.3.4.RELEASE - Isis - [issue]
...Maintenance releases....    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-18, 08:40
[ISIS-2433] Gradle Build: automate 'folder' to 'build artifact name' mapping (settings.gradle) - Isis - [issue]
...Particularly use maven artifact keys for this mapping::<groupId>:<artifactId> ...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-18, 06:46
[ISIS-2430] Cannot assume Action Param Spec to be correct when eagerly loaded, eg. SecMan Menu Action (create user) causes Exception - Isis - [issue] Don't know how to create an ObjectMemento for a type with ObjectSpecification ObjectSpecificationDefault@53129328[class=org.apache.isis.extensions.sec...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-09-17, 08:36