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[MAHOUT-1978] Implement "a provably good seeding method for k-means" - Mahout - [issue]
...When Building out our algorithm library, Implement ASSUMPTION-FREE K-MC^2 from    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-06-25, 20:50
[MAHOUT-2091] Apache Rat check fails: Too many files with unapproved license - Mahout - [issue]
...running mvn clean apache-rat:check -e -DskipTests=true the build fails with ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.rat:apache-rat-plugin:0.13:check (default-cli) on project mahout: Too man...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-06-25, 20:48
[MAHOUT-2076] add a /release directory with a skeleton settings.xml for releases and instructions/scripts to release/deploy and any mixture therof - Mahout - [issue]
...add a /release directory with settings.xml and all necessary variable changes to make a release candidate and to deploy. 2.11mvn release:prepare -Papache-releasemvn re...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-06-25, 20:01
[MAHOUT-2027] spark-ec2 launch scripts with ViennaCL/JCuda installation - Mahout - [issue]
...To make things easier for new users, add a couple of scripts for launching an ec2 cluster, installing spark,HDFS, mahout and JCuda/ViennaCL....    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-06-25, 20:01
[MAHOUT-1706] Remove dependency jars from /lib in mahout binary distribution - Mahout - [issue]
...The mahout distribution currently is shipping ~56 MB of dependecy jars in the /lib directory of the distribution.  These are only added to the classpath by /bin/mahout in the binary dis...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-06-25, 20:01
[ANNOUNCE] New Committer: Christofer Dutz - Mahout - [mail # dev]
...welcome aboard, Chis! thank you for all the work on the build!--andy________________________________From: Andrew Musselman Sent: Monday, June 8, 2020 7:23 PMTo: Christofer Dutz Cc: Mahout De...
   Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-06-11, 05:02
[expand - 5 more] - Re: Hi ... need some help? - Mahout - [mail # dev]
...Hey All, been very sick again,  I may be offline for a couple of weeks,    I am probably not going to be able to commit to times in the next couple of weeks,  I'll be bac...
   Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-05-01, 23:27
[MAHOUT-1918] Use traits when probing VCL - Mahout - [issue]
...currently we haveeg.       clazz = Class.forName("org.apache.mahout.viennacl.opencl.GPUMMul$").getField("MODULE$").get(null).asInstanceOf[MMBinaryFunc]To instantiate a So...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-03-31, 15:08
[MAHOUT-2102] transitive and direct dependencies not being piched up in ~/lib by /bin/mahout - Mahout - [issue]
...need to ensure dependencies are added to /lib/dependencies or packed into each module jar to be picked up bu ./bin/mahout    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-03-31, 02:07
[MAHOUT-2100] Dependencies (Scopt e.g.) are not being picked on the classpath nor shipped in ./lib - Mahout - [issue]    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2020-03-24, 21:15