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[VCL-1083] Data in shares mounted under Linux home directories may be deleted - VCL - [issue]
...This issue mainly affects the new Site Configuration > NFS Mounts feature introduced in VCL 2.5. This feature allows you to specify one or more shares to be automatically mounted on the c...    Author: Andy Kurth , 2019-08-05, 17:12
[VCL-1123] Add top-level .gitignore - VCL - [issue]
...There's no top-level .gitignore file....    Author: Andy Kurth , 2019-08-05, 17:03
[VCL-1040] Issues with backend usage of Site Configuration variables - VCL - [issue]
...Introduced in: not being universally consideredThere's code in that sets:$ENV{management_node_info}->{CL...    Author: Andy Kurth , 2019-07-08, 18:59
[VCL-1121] Review all non-HTTPS dependency URLs - VCL - [issue]
...See the email sent by the Apache Security Team below.  We need to review all non-HTTPS URLs used in various places.One location I know has non-HTTPS URLs is managementnode/bin/install_perl_l...    Author: Andy Kurth , 2019-06-05, 19:11
[VCL-1108] Improve flexibility in how sshd is configured in Linux images - VCL - [issue]
...In Linux images, the ext_sshd service is dynamically generated when an image is loaded and reconfigured when the computer is reserved.  The ext_sshd service is configured with /etc/ssh/ext_s...    Author: Andy Kurth , 2019-01-03, 18:47
VCL reservation timeouts with docker - VCL - [mail # user]
...Hi William,A little more information will be helpful.  Please send the vcld.log outputfor one of these reservations.Also, what is the image's "Check for Logged in User" option set to?(M...
   Author: Andy Kurth , 2018-11-14, 15:55
Windows Licensing. KMS activation failing. - VCL - [mail # user]
...Hi Al,During an image load, VCL takes the KMS address and executes the same -skmsand -ato commands you mentioned.  Before doing so, it also checks theversion and edition of Windows and ...
   Author: Andy Kurth , 2018-11-01, 17:29
September board report - VCL - [mail # dev]
...Looks good to me.Thanks,AndyOn Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 3:25 PM Josh Thompson wrote:> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----> Hash: SHA1>> Hi all,>> I have prepared our September b...
   Author: Andy Kurth , 2018-09-12, 12:54
[VCL-1102] rules and chains are not being removed with older versions of firewalld - VCL - [issue]
...I had a CentOS 7.0 reservation and noticed someone pecking from a Chinese IP:Jun 26 13:32:39 centos7 sshd[5413]: Failed password for invalid user root from [CHINESE IP] port ...    Author: Andy Kurth , 2018-06-26, 19:34
[DISCUSS] VCL documentation - VCL - [mail # dev]
...+1 to Jekyll.  I'm using it for another day job project.  It's not perfectbut I think the pros outweigh the cons.-AndyOn Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 12:59 PM Josh Thompson wrote:> -----...
   Author: Andy Kurth , 2018-06-26, 17:09