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[PHOENIX-5884] Join query return empty result when filters for both the tables are present - Phoenix - [issue]
...Let's assume DDL to be same for both the tables involved in a joinCREATE TABLE LeftTable (    id1 CHAR(6) NOT NULL,    id2 VARCHAR(22) NOT NULL,    id3 VARCHAR(...    Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-06-14, 07:41
[Discuss] Twill removal and Guava update plan - Phoenix - [mail # dev]
...Thanks, Istvan for putting up a detailed plan+1 for removing twill(as I can see it is recently moved to Attic) andadding whatever convenience it's bringing in Omid/tephra project itself.Inst...
   Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-06-09, 23:38
[PHOENIX-5060] DeleteFamily cells are getting skipped while building Index data after HBASE-21158 - Phoenix - [issue]
...Attaching a patch which we will be needed when we upgrade our HBase version to 2.0.3 or 2.1+...    Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-05-27, 06:06
Heap out of memory issue on execution of flink job - Flink - [mail # user]
...Hi @Benchao Li Is the state usage only specific to Interval join ? If we use a simple Window Join, the state is not used? Thanks,Ankit Singhal From: Benchao Li Date: Tuesday, ...
   Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-05-19, 11:55
[ANNOUNCE] New HBase committer Wei-Chiu Chuang - HBase - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations, Wei-Chiu! Welcome!On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 3:49 PM Toshihiro Suzuki wrote:> Congratulations Wei-Chiu!>> On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 8:25 PM Guangxu Cheng  wrote:>...
   Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-05-15, 04:46
How to bulk load a csv file into a phoenix table created in lowercase - Phoenix - [mail # user]
...Can you please try using CSVBulkLoad (as a workaround, we have it recentlyfixed) and raise a bug for the Psql not handling table-name casesensitivity.
   Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-05-14, 19:48
[HBASE-20658] Release latch early for ModifyTable and TruncateTable procedure. - HBase - [issue]
...It seems we are releasing latch in Modify and Truncate table procedures during completion cleanup which make the whole procedure to execute synchronously....    Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-05-14, 08:11
[PHOENIX-4768] Re-enable testCompactUpdatesStats and testCompactUpdatesStatsWithMinStatsUpdateFreq of StatsCollectorIT - Phoenix - [issue]
...Re-enable these tests as TEPHRA-208 is already committed for long time.StatsCollectorIT#testCompactUpdatesStatsStatsCollectorIT#testCompactUpdatesStatsWithMinStatsUpdateFreq Required some fi...    Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-05-06, 18:42
[PHOENIX-4825] Replace usage of HBase Base64 implementation with java.util.Base64 - Phoenix - [issue]    Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-05-06, 03:25
Are we embracing Java 8? - Phoenix - [mail # dev]
...Just linking a discussion we had one and a half years back on the same [1],considering nothing has changed since then because Java 7 was EOLed in July2015and Phoenix 5.0 was also out, it maj...
   Author: Ankit Singhal , 2020-04-23, 03:11