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[KAFKA-6543] Allow KTables to be bootstrapped at start up, like GKTables - Kafka - [issue]
...In some uses cases, it's desirable to have KTables "fully" bootstrapped (at leas in best efforts) before the topology begins, similar to how a GKTable does. This could prevent join race cond...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2018-02-08, 17:19
[KAFKA-6519] Change log level from ERROR to WARN for not leader for this partition exception - Kafka - [issue]
...Not the leader for this partition is not an error in operation and is in fact expected and a apart of the partition discovery / movement system. This confuses users because they think someth...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2018-02-08, 01:28
[KAFKA-6079] Idempotent production for source connectors - Kafka - [issue]
...Idempotent production for source connection to reduce duplicates at least from retires....    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2018-01-29, 18:48
[KAFKA-6265] GlobalKTable missing #queryableStoreName() - Kafka - [issue]
...KTable has the nicely useful #queryableStoreName(), it seems to be missing from GlobalKTable...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2018-01-12, 10:55
[KAFKA-6270] ProducerPerformance doesn't support setting sasl.jaas.config as a --producer-props - Kafka - [issue]
...I seems the parser expects everything to strictly be key=value pairs, where as sasl.jaas.config is key="preamble key=value key=value"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentExcep...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2017-11-26, 11:34
[KAFKA-6235] Kafka should have a last resort retention setting for max disk used - Kafka - [issue]
...Kafka should have an emergency retention setting for max disk used to prevent the broker running out of disk and partitions going off line. When this max is reached, Kafka could perhaps dele...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2017-11-25, 19:14
[KAFKA-6226] Performance Consumer should print units in it's output, like the producer - Kafka - [issue]
...IMO this should be the default behaviour which would match the performance producer, and be able to disable it with a config.    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2017-11-17, 13:08
[KAFKA-6225] Add an option to performance consumer consume continuously - Kafka - [issue]
...IMO this should be the default behaviour which would match the performance producer, and be able to disable it with a config.I can implement this either by adding an infinite loop, or by all...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2017-11-17, 13:07
[KAFKA-4783] KIP-128: Blackbox or pass through converter or ByteArrayConverter for connect - Kafka - [issue]
...Connect is missing a pass through converter / ByteArrayConverter that doesn't manipulate the message payload. This is needed for binary messages that don't have a plaintext, json or avro int...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2017-05-12, 04:04
[SOLR-3029] Poor json formatting of spelling collation info - Solr - [issue]
..."spellcheck": {    "suggestions": [    "dalllas",    {<snip>        {            "word": "canallas",&nbs...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2017-05-01, 13:49