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[DRILL-7271] Refactor Metadata interfaces and classes to contain all needed information for the File based Metastore - Drill - [issue]
...1. Merge info from metadataStatistics + statisticsKinds into one holder: Map<String, StatisticsHolder>.2. Rename hasStatistics to hasDescriptiveStatistics3. Remove drill-file-metastore...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-06-11, 11:56
[DRILL-7158] null values for varchar, interval, boolean are displayed as empty string in SqlLine - Drill - [issue]
...null values for varchar, interval, boolean are displayed as empty string in SqlLine.Caused by SqlLine bug: workaround to set nullValu...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-06-07, 10:43
[DRILL-7236] SqlLine 1.8 upgrade - Drill - [issue]
...SqlLine 1.8 upgrade...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-06-07, 10:41
[DRILL-7204] Add proper validation when creating plugin - Drill - [issue]
...1. Currently there is no failure when user attempts to create plugin without name. Screenshot attached. I think we need proper plugin name validation when creating plugin.2. When disabling a...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-05-30, 17:38
[DRILL-7270] Fix non-https dependency urls and add checksum checks - Drill - [issue]
...Review any build scripts and configurations for insecure urls and make appropriate fixes to use secure urls.Projects like Lucene do checksum whitelists of all their build dependencies, and y...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-05-22, 08:33
[DRILL-7203]  Back button for failed query does not return on Query page - Drill - [issue]
...Back button for failed query returns on previous page before Query page but not on the Query page.Steps: 1. go to Logs page2. go to Query page3. execute query with incorrect syntax (ex: xxxx...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-05-21, 17:39
[DRILL-7274] Introduce ANALYZE TABLE statements - Drill - [issue]    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-05-21, 14:12
[DRILL-7273] Create operator for handling metadata - Drill - [issue]    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-05-21, 14:10
[DRILL-7272] Implement Drill Iceberg Metastore plugin - Drill - [issue]    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-05-21, 14:10
[DRILL-7205] Drill fails to start when authentication is disabled - Drill - [issue]
...drill-override.conf content:drill.exec: {  cluster-id: "drillbits1",  zk.connect: "localhost:2181",   impersonation: { enabled: true, max_chained_user_hops: 3  },&nb...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-05-17, 08:43