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[IMPALA-8937] Fine grained table metadata loading on Catalog server - Impala - [issue]
...Background:Currently the table on the Catalog server is either in a loaded or unloaded state (IncompleteTable). When Catalog server starts for the first time, we first fetch a list of table ...    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-09-19, 00:59
[HBASE-25051] DIGEST based auth broken for MasterRegistry - HBase - [issue]
...DIGEST-MD5 based sasl auth depends on cluster-ID to obtain tokens. With master registry, we have a circular dependency here because master registry needs an rpcClient to talk to masters (and...    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-09-16, 16:14
[PHOENIX-5833] Incorrect results with RVCs and AND operator - Phoenix - [issue]
...Phoenix version: 4.15-HBase-1.5– Create a test table and populate a couple of rows.create table repro_bug(a varchar(10) not null, b varchar(10) not null, c varchar(10) not null constra...    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-09-15, 21:22
[IMPALA-7961] Concurrent catalog heavy workloads can cause queries with SYNC_DDL to fail fast - Impala - [issue]
...When catalog server is under heavy load with concurrent updates to objects, queries with SYNC_DDL can fail with the following message.User facing error message:ERROR: CatalogException: Could...    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-09-09, 15:30
[expand - 1 more] - Release 1.7.0 (for real this time) - HBase - [mail # dev]
...Sure, will do.On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 9:21 AM Andrew Purtell  wrote:> Speaking of known flakes, if you have a moment could you please file JIRAs> and mark the fix version at least ...
   Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-09-08, 16:30
[HBASE-24765] Dynamic master discovery - HBase - [issue]
...Michael Stack's idea in the design doc for splittable-meta.We can keep a live list of masters to query by fetching the list of available masters from any of the available masters configured ...    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-08-27, 04:25
[HBASE-24955] Clarify patch upgrade compatibility guarantees - HBase - [issue]
...Per the compatibility guidelines (specifically section "Client-Server wire protocol compatibility ") which says "We could only allow upgrading the server first. I.e. the server would be...    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-08-26, 16:04
[HBASE-24846] Address compaction races in TestFIFOCompactionPolicy - HBase - [issue]    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-08-26, 05:48
[PHOENIX-6081] Improvements to snapshot based MR input format - Phoenix - [issue]
...Recently we switched an MR application from scanning live tables to scanning snapshots (PHOENIX-3744). We ran into a severe performance issue, which turned out to a correctness issue due to ...    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-08-17, 19:45
[HBASE-23242] Check style incorrectly formatted - Intellij complains - HBase - [issue]
... I get the following two errors when I try to import the checkstyle file into CheckStyle-IDEA plugin. Interestingly mvn target works ok. -    Author: Bharath Vissapragada , 2020-08-11, 18:12