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[SPARK-3153] shuffle will run out of space when disks have different free space - Spark - [issue]
...If we have several disks in SPARK_LOCAL_DIRS, and one of them is much smaller than others (maybe added in my mistake, or special disk, SSD), them the shuffle will meet the problem of run out...    Author: Davies Liu , 2020-05-17, 18:31
[SPARK-12032] Filter can't be pushed down to correct Join because of bad order of Join - Spark - [issue]
...For this query:  select d.d_year, count(*) cnt   FROM store_sales, date_dim d, customer c   WHERE ss_customer_sk = c.c_customer_sk AND c.c_first_shipto_date_sk = d.d...    Author: Davies Liu , 2020-03-02, 08:51
[SPARK-12798] Broadcast hash join - Spark - [issue]
...Davies Liu it's minor but you rarely set component on your JIRAs. I think it helps. Just tag with pyspark or sql....    Author: Davies Liu , 2020-02-28, 11:20
[SPARK-18105] LZ4 failed to decompress a stream of shuffled data - Spark - [issue]
...When lz4 is used to compress the shuffle files, it may fail to decompress it as "stream is corrupt"Caused by: org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job aborted due to stage failure: Task 92 in st...    Author: Davies Liu , 2020-01-02, 21:43
[SPARK-16180] Task hang on fetching blocks (cached RDD) - Spark - [issue]
...Here is the stackdump of executor:sun.misc.Unsafe.park(Native Method)java.util.concurrent.locks.LockSupport.park(    Author: Davies Liu , 2019-12-16, 13:57
[SPARK-5091] Hooks for PySpark tasks - Spark - [issue]
...Currently, it's not convenient to add package on executor to PYTHONPATH (we did not assume the environment of driver an executor are identical). It will be nice to have a hook to called befo...    Author: Davies Liu , 2019-05-21, 05:37
[SPARK-3916] recognize appended data in textFileStream() - Spark - [issue]
...Right now, we only find new data from new files, the data written to old files (processed in last batch) will not be processed.In order to support this, we need partialRDD(), which is an RDD...    Author: Davies Liu , 2019-05-21, 05:37
[SPARK-14333] Duration of task should be the total time (not just computation time) - Spark - [issue]
...Right now, the duration of a task in Stage page is task computation time, it should be total time (including serialization and fetching results). We should also have a separate column for co...    Author: Davies Liu , 2019-05-21, 04:37
[SPARK-13409] Log the stacktrace when stopping a SparkContext - Spark - [issue]
...Somethings we saw a stopped SparkContext, then have no idea it's stopped by what, we should log that for troubleshooting....    Author: Davies Liu , 2019-05-21, 04:37
[SPARK-18032] Spark test failed as OOM in jenkins - Spark - [issue]
...I saw some tests failed as OOM recently, for example, we should increase the heaps...    Author: Davies Liu , 2019-05-21, 04:37