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[MNG-1803] Provide line number information when there are errors processing a pom.xml - Maven - [issue]
...When there is an error in a pom.xml, Maven 2 does a reasonable job identifying the error, but it doesn't provide the location of the error.  For example, I forget to include a <versi...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2019-02-24, 09:28
[TAP5-2008] Serialized object data stored on the client should be HMAC signed and validated - Tapestry - [issue]
...Tapestry encodes serialized objects into Base64 encoded strings that are stored on the client; primarily, this is for form submissions, to encode the set of operations needed to process the ...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2018-12-06, 10:50
[TAP5-1493] Property expressions on properties that are covariant on a base class use the type of the base class property, not the covariant subclass - Tapestry - [issue]
...public abstract class AbstractFoo{ public abstract AbstractBar getBar();}public class Foo extends AbstractFoo{ public Bar getBar();}Here property bar is covariant; the subclass (Fo...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2017-11-03, 09:54
[TAP5-1650] On a cold start with a large number of incoming requests, Tapestry can deadlock inside PlasticClassLoader/PlasticClassPool - Tapestry - [issue]
...Discovered during load testing; the scenario is a cold start for the application then hitting it with large numbers of concurrent requests with no ramp up. The deadlocks involve two methods:...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2017-03-30, 06:08
[TAP5-1398] Create easier way to create specialized text fields for editing specific data types - Tapestry - [issue]
...I'd like to see a special base class that could be extended to easily provide server-side logic for editting a field.My scenario is a drop down list for selecting a country which Ajax-update...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2016-08-22, 06:48
[TAP5-1399] Replace base class behavior for fields with meta-programming via annotations - Tapestry - [issue]
...Not quite sure what this would look like, but it would be very cool if there was a more meta-programming way to build new types of form control components (TextField and friends) that was ba...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2016-08-22, 06:48
[TAP5-1645] Tapestry should validate that abstract classes only appear in the .base sub-package, not in .components, .mixins or .pages - Tapestry - [issue]
...Tapestry has a .base sub-package for base classes for components; although a non-abstract class may or may not be a base class, an abstract class by definition is. Tapestry should treat this...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2016-08-22, 06:48
[TAP5-1584] Add support for coercing values explicitly in the property expression language - Tapestry - [issue]
...Something like:    prop:someMap.get('id') as IntegerThe "as <classname>" qualifier would pass the value through the TypeCoercer.Integer is a fully qualified class name, with ...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2016-08-22, 06:47
Docker vm crashes when host wakes from sleep mode - Docker - [mail # user]
...I have a similar issue; on my Mac, after waking from sleep, Docker is running, but all containers have been shut down. This did not occur previously, when I was using Docker machine.---To st...
   Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2016-05-11, 15:12
[TAP5-2238] When require-ing a module that is part of a JavaScript Stack, the entire stack should be imported - Tapestry - [issue]
...This is parallel to existing logic w.r.t. to libraries and stacks.Without this, it may be necessary to import the stack, and require the desired module, for efficient behavior in both develo...    Author: Howard M. Lewis Ship , 2016-04-15, 08:03