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[ISIS-2275] Rest Response Doesn't Contain Number With "multiLine" - Isis - [issue]
...Response snapshot taken from Demo 2.0.0-M3-SNAPSHOT (f629ce2344b5ab8c67f5faeccc70569110902781)    Author: Jörg Rade , 2020-02-13, 17:41
[ISIS-1850] [NOT IMPLEMENTED] Rename 'default' in JSON Response - Isis - [issue]
..."                 }             }, default is a keyword in ActionScript and converting JSON to AS like in is not possible since...    Author: Jörg Rade , 2018-02-22, 21:59
[ISIS-1572] RestfulObjects viewer - Service members empty - Isis - [issue]
... delivered a result without 'members' filled, even after the 'workaround' described above. shows the same behavior: http://localhost:8888/restful...    Author: Jörg Rade , 2017-10-26, 07:29