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checkNewPassword and ignoreCurrentPassword - OFBiz - [mail # dev]
...Hi team,We recently got a security report about checkNewPassword where it was claimed a CSRF vulnerability because of ignoreCurrentPassword but I rejected it.I have though added a comment in...
   Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-12, 11:08
[expand - 5 more] - svn commit: r1828857 - in /ofbiz/ofbiz-framework/trunk/docs/asciidoc: documentation_guidelines.adoc resource/ resource/article.adoc resource/ - OFBiz - [mail # dev]
...Ah, thanks Michael,OK then, they should stayJacquesLe 11/07/2020 à 17:48, Michael Brohl a écrit :> Sorry Jacques,>> I missed your previous message.>> Those files are reference...
   Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-11, 15:54
OFBIZ-11879 and README files under web site - OFBiz - [mail # dev]
...Hi,I have always found annoying to read README.adoc when it's suite fine as a HTML file with a TOC.I also found that few users are not reading it maybe because it's uneasy.Anyway instead of ...
   Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-11, 10:32
[OFBIZ-11879] Put the AsciiDoc files in main repo under the web site - OFBiz - [issue]
...We have AsciiDoc files in main repo and it would be better to have them also in HTML format under the web site, like eg that a new generateReadme...    Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-11, 10:23
Need help/direction getting started with OFBIZ ERP - OFBiz - [mail # user]
...Hi Phoon,You should refer to the README.adoc file. At section "Setup an external database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc" it says:To setup an external database instead of the default embedded A...
   Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-10, 07:06
[OFBIZ-11863] Use new CSS classes for aligning table data put in with OFBIZ-9750 - OFBiz - [issue]
...With OFBIZ-9750 Nitish Mishra puts in new CSS classes for aligning table data. These classes are not yet used....    Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-10, 05:41
[expand - 2 more] - Change "build and install" section on the website - OFBiz - [mail # dev]
...DoneLe 08/07/2020 à 09:29, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :> hen I will modify the “Build and running OFBiz” section on the website to refer to the INSTALL file...
   Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-08, 18:33
[expand - 1 more] - [TUTORIAL] APACHE OFBIZ INSTALL ON WINDOWS 10 - OFBiz - [mail # user]
...Hi Mohammad,This tutorial was deprecated. I have moved it to the Wiki Attic.As Michael said, please refer to the INSTALL file in the OFBiz main directory.If you face Windows 10 specific prob...
   Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-08, 08:26
[expand - 3 more] - JUnit 5? - OFBiz - [mail # dev]
...Thank you Girish for copying in OFBIZ-11870,I still not had the time to think at your question :)JacquesLe 06/07/2020 à 07:39, Girish Vasmatkar a écrit :> Hi All>> OFBiz integration...
   Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-08, 07:32
[OFBIZ-11871] Server-Side Template Injection using Static - OFBiz - [issue]
...Alvaro Munoz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> from the GitHub Security Lab ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) reported a Server-Side Template Injection that uses "Static" to the OFBiz security team, and we thank ...    Author: Jacques Le Roux , 2020-07-06, 09:16