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[KAFKA-9198] StopReplica handler should complete pending purgatory operations - Kafka - [issue]
...When a reassignment completes, the current leader may need to be shutdown with a StopReplica request. It may still have fetch/produce requests in purgatory when this happens. We do not have ...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-18, 23:34
[KAFKA-9206] Consumer should handle `CORRUPT_MESSAGE` error code in fetch response - Kafka - [issue]
...This error code is possible, for example, when the broker scans the log to find the fetch offset after the index lookup. Currently this results in a slightly obscure message such as the foll...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-18, 18:54
[expand - 2 more] - [DISCUSS] KIP-536: Propagate broker timestamp to Admin API - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi Noa,Re; uptime. Sure, it was just a suggestion. However, we should be clearthat there are actually two timestamps at play. Your initial proposalsuggested using the timestamp from the regi...
   Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-18, 18:54
[KAFKA-9196] Records exposed before advancement of high watermark after segment roll - Kafka - [issue]
...We cache the segment position of the high watermark and last stable offset inside `Log`. There is no logic currently to update the cached position when the segment rolls.Suppose we have a lo...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-17, 22:47
[KAFKA-9199] Improve handling of out of sequence errors lower than last acked sequence - Kafka - [issue]
...The broker attempts to cache the state of the last 5 batches in order to enable duplicate detection. This caching is not guaranteed across restarts: we only write the state of the last batch...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-17, 05:50
[KAFKA-9183] SaslSslAdminClientIntegrationTest takes too long to execute - Kafka - [issue]
...In recent builds, we see `SaslSslAdminClientIntegrationTest` taking about 30 minutes of the total build time. The base `AdminClientIntegrationTest` takes only 4. We should probably understan...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-16, 00:06
[KAFKA-9190] Server leaves connections with expired authentication sessions open - Kafka - [issue]
...SocketServer implements some logic to disconnect connections which have expired authentication sessions. At the moment, we just call `SelectionKey.cancel` in order to trigger this disconnect...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-15, 18:35
[DISCUSS] KIP-501 Avoid out-of-sync or offline partitions when follower fetch requests not processed in time - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi Satish,Thanks for the KIP.  I'm wondering how much of this problem can beaddressed just by increasing the replication max lag? That was one of thepurposes of KIP-537 (the default inc...
   Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-14, 05:27
[KAFKA-8875] CreateTopic API should check topic existence before replication factor - Kafka - [issue]
...If you try to create a topic and the replication factor cannot be satisfied, Kafka will return `INVALID_REPLICATION_FACTOR`. If the topic already exists, we should probably return `TOPIC_ALR...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-14, 00:37
[expand - 1 more] - [DISCUSS] KIP-533: Add default api timeout to AdminClient - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hey Colin,Thanks for the suggestions. I've clarified the use of the API overrides andthe request timeout.I think exponential backoff is a great idea. Can we do a separate KIP forthis? I thin...
   Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-11-13, 18:23