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[SPARK-9231] DistributedLDAModel method for top topics per document - Spark - [issue]
...Helper method in DistributedLDAModel of this form: /**  * For each document, return the top k weighted topics for that document.  * @return RDD of (doc ID, topic indices, topic weights...
...)  */ def topTopicsPerDocument(k: Int): RDD[(Long, Array[Int], Array[Double])] I believe the above method signature will be Java-friendly....    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-07-31, 18:50
[SPARK-8540] KMeans-based outlier detection - Spark - [issue]
...Proposal for K-Means-based outlier detection: Cluster data using K-Means Provide prediction/filtering functionality which returns outliers/anomalies This can take some threshold...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2016-01-25, 09:56
[SPARK-6258] Python MLlib API missing items: Clustering - Spark - [issue]
... JIRA linked to this task. KMeans setEpsilon setInitializationSteps KMeansModel computeCost k GaussianMixture setInitialModel GaussianMixtureModel k Completely missing...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-05-15, 10:53
[SPARK-14862] Tree and ensemble classification: do not require label metadata - Spark - [issue]
... is not for supporting String labels. Note: This could cause problems with very small datasets + cross validation if there are k classes but class index k-1 does not appear in the training data.  We should make...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2016-04-28, 23:20
[SPARK-5016] GaussianMixtureEM should distribute matrix inverse for large numFeatures, k - Spark - [issue]
...If numFeatures or k are large, GMM EM should distribute the matrix inverse computation for Gaussian initialization....    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-07-08, 23:32
[SPARK-6612] Python KMeans parity - Spark - [issue]
...This is a subtask of SPARK-6258 for the Python API of KMeans.  These items are missing: KMeans setEpsilon setInitializationSteps KMeansModel computeCost k ...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-12-12, 03:34
[SPARK-4406] SVD should check for k < 1 - Spark - [issue]
...When SVD is called with k < 1, it still tries to compute the SVD, causing a lower-level error.  It should fail early....    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-02-20, 23:00
[SPARK-6337] Spark 1.3 doc fixes - Spark - [issue]
...I'll try to track doc issues to be fixed for the 1.3.1 release in this JIRA. DataFrame quotes should include "age > 30" DeveloperAPI  -> DeveloperApi SQL Programming Guide...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-03-22, 20:01
[SPARK-6857] Python SQL schema inference should support numpy types - Spark - [issue]
..., in _infer_schema     fields = [StructField(k, _infer_type(v), True) for k, v in items]   File "/Users/josephkb/spark/python/pyspark/sql/", line 637, in _infer_type     raise ValueError...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-04-16, 20:18
[SPARK-7879] KMeans API for Pipelines - Spark - [issue]
...Create a K-Means API for the Pipelines API.  This should wrap the existing KMeans implementation in spark.mllib. This should be the first clustering method added to Pipelines...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-12-08, 21:14