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[KAFKA-3143] inconsistent state in ZK when all replicas are dead - Kafka - [issue]
...This issue can be recreated in the following steps.1. Start 3 brokers, 1, 2 and 3.2. Create a topic with a single partition and 2 replicas, say on broker 1 and 2.If we stop both replicas 1 a...    Author: Jun Rao , 2019-05-21, 15:26
[KAFKA-7983] supporting replication.throttled.replicas in dynamic broker configuration - Kafka - [issue]
...In KIP-226, we added the support to change broker defaults dynamically. However, it didn't support changing leader.replication.throttled.replicas and follower.replication.throttled.replicas....    Author: Jun Rao , 2019-05-21, 09:10
[KAFKA-1983] TestEndToEndLatency can be unreliable after hard kill - Kafka - [issue]
...If you hard kill TestEndToEndLatency, the committed offset remains the last checkpointed one. However, more messages are now appended after the last checkpointed offset. When restarting Test...    Author: Jun Rao , 2019-05-17, 22:25
[VOTE] KIP-461 Improve Replica Fetcher behavior at handling partition failure - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi, Aishwarya,Thanks for the KIP. +1JunOn Wed, May 8, 2019 at 4:30 PM Aishwarya Gune wrote:> Hi All!>> I would like to call for a vote on KIP-461 that would improve the behavior>...
   Author: Jun Rao , 2019-05-09, 16:58
[DISCUSS] KIP-461 - Improving replica fetcher behavior in case of partition failures - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi, Aishwarya,Thanks for the KIP. Looks good to me. Just one minor comment. If a replicais deleted on a broker (through a StopReplicaRequest) while it's in thefailed partition set, should we...
   Author: Jun Rao , 2019-05-08, 20:59
[KAFKA-4332] kafka.api.UserQuotaTest.testThrottledProducerConsumer transient unit test failure - Kafka - [issue]
...kafka.api.UserQuotaTest > testThrottledProducerConsumer FAILED    java.lang.AssertionError: Should have been throttled...    Author: Jun Rao , 2019-04-20, 18:03
[ANNOUNCE] New Kafka PMC member: Sriharsh Chintalapan - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Hi, Everyone,Sriharsh Chintalapan has been active in the Kafka community since he becamea Kafka committer in 2015. I am glad to announce that Harsh is now a memberof Kafka PMC.Congratulation...
   Author: Jun Rao , 2019-04-18, 18:46
[VOTE] KIP-422: Use the default value of max.poll.interval in Streams - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...The voting thread seems to be referring to the wrong KIP number. It shouldbe KIP-442 instead of KIP-422.Thanks,JunOn Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 7:03 PM John Roesler  wrote:> Thanks all. The...
   Author: Jun Rao , 2019-04-15, 16:59
[expand - 2 more] - [DISCUSSION] KIP-422: Add support for user/client configuration in the Kafka Admin Client - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi, Yaodong,Yes, what you proposed makes sense. A couple of more comments.21.  Could you add those examples to the KIP wiki? It would also be usefulto know how to set the ConfigEntry va...
   Author: Jun Rao , 2019-04-05, 22:13
[expand - 1 more] - Kafka replication throttling on broker level - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi, Rahul,If the ticket is unassigned, feel free to assign it to yourself. If youcan't do that, let us know your jira id and we can add you to thecontributors list.Thanks,JunOn Fri, Apr 5, 2...
   Author: Jun Rao , 2019-04-05, 21:28