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[SPARK-32538] Use local time zone for the timestamp logged in unit-tests.log - Spark - [issue]
...SparkFunSuite fixes the default time zone to America/Los_Angeles so the timestamp logged in unit-tests.log is also based on the fixed time zone.It's confusable for developers whose time zone...    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-08-07, 02:32
[SPARK-32525] The layout of monitoring.html is broken - Spark - [issue]
...The layout of monitoring.html is broken because there are 2 <td> tags not closed in    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-08-04, 15:30
[SPARK-32119] ExecutorPlugin doesn't work with Standalone Cluster and Kubernetes with --jars - Spark - [issue]
...ExecutorPlugin can't work with Standalone Cluster and Kubernetes when a jar which contains plugins and files used by the plugins are added by --jars and --files option with spark-submit...    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-08-01, 04:05
[SPARK-32175] Fix the order between initialization for ExecutorPlugin and starting heartbeat thread - Spark - [issue]
...In the current master, heartbeat thread in a executor starts after plugin initialization so if the initialization takes long time, heartbeat is not sent to driver and the executor will be re...    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-07-31, 01:35
[SPARK-32462] Don't save the previous search text for datatable - Spark - [issue]
...DataTable is used in stage-page and executors-page for pagination and filter tasks/executors by search text.In the current implementation, search text is saved so if we visit stage-page for ...    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-07-27, 23:36
[SPARK-32200] Redirect to the history page when accessed to /history without appliation id - Spark - [issue]
... In the current master, when we access to /history on the HistoryServer with without application id, status code 400 will be returned.I wonder it's better to redirect to the history page ins...    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-07-11, 20:47
[SPARK-32236] Local cluster should shutdown gracefully - Spark - [issue]
...Almost every time we call sc.stop with local cluster mode, like following exceptions will be thrown.20/07/09 08:36:45 ERROR TransportRequestHandler: Error while invoking RpcHandler#receive()...    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-07-09, 17:28
[SPARK-32214] The type conversion function generated in makeFromJava for "other"  type uses a wrong variable. - Spark - [issue]
...`makeFromJava` in `EvaluatePython` create a type conversion function for some Java/Scala types.For `other` type, the parameter of the type conversion function is named `obj` but `other` is m...    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-07-08, 08:48
[SPARK-32153] .m2 repository corruption can happen on Jenkins-worker4 - Spark - [issue]
...Build task on Jenkins-worker4 often fails with dependency problem.    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-07-06, 18:31
[SPARK-32177] Remove the weird line from near the Spark logo on mouseover in the WebUI - Spark - [issue]
...In the webui, the Spark logo is on the top right side.When we move mouse cursor on the logo, a weird underline appears near the logo....    Author: Kousuke Saruta , 2020-07-06, 02:09