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Ranger policies best practices - Ranger - [mail # user]
...Lars, The enhancement in RANGER-2507 introduced the notion of “DenyAllElse”, which denies access to specified resources unless explicitly allowed by the policy. This should help address...
   Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2020-01-24, 08:03
[REPORT] Apache Ranger - Jan 2020 - Ranger - [mail # dev]
...+1. Thanks Selva.MadhanOn 1/8/20, 12:44 PM, "Velmurugan Periasamy"  wrote:    +1. Thanks Selva for putting together the report.             ...
   Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2020-01-08, 20:47
[ATLAS-3313] Enhance Atlas server to process notifications from multiple Kafka topics - Atlas - [issue]
...Currently Atlas server processes notifications from Kafka topic named ATLAS_HOOK (name configurable name via The name of the Kafka topic to which an Atla...    Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2020-01-07, 09:27
Two separate Atlas instances using shared HBase and Solr - Atlas - [mail # user]
...Marek, The name of the HBase table can be configured using following property in However, the name of Sol...
   Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2019-12-12, 22:10
a question about rdbms bridge in atlas - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...Hello, The images attached in your email didn’t come through. Please consider filing a JIRA and attach the images. Alternatively, it will help to see details of API calls from the bridg...
   Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2019-12-11, 23:38
[DRAFT] Board report for Apache Atlas: December 2019 - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...Atlas team, Please review the draft board report below and send your feedback/comments. Thanks,Madhan  ## Description:  Apache Atlas is a scalable and extensible set...
   Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2019-12-11, 01:57
[RANGER-2590] add displayName attribute to service-def and service - Ranger - [issue]
...Name of service-defs (hdfs/hive/hbase/kafka/..) and services (test_hive/prod_hive/..) are rendered in Ranger landing page. It will be helpful to see a more descriptive string in the UI - lik...    Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2019-11-27, 13:55
[RANGER-2654] refactor RangerBasePlugins to remove static servicePluginsMap - Ranger - [issue]
...Currently RangerBasePlugin has a static member servicePluginsMap, which is used in  following cases: 1. to notify plugin of change in auth-context, like updates to tags 2. to get a...    Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2019-11-27, 13:31
[CVE-2019-10070] Apache Atlas Stored XSS Vulnerability - Atlas - [mail # user]
...Hello, Please find below details on CVE fixed in Apache Atlas releases 0.8.4 and 1.2.0. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
   Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2019-11-17, 17:05
[RANGER-2646] Refactor: replace references to static configuration instance - Ranger - [issue]
...Ranger modules plugins/admin/audit obtain configurations from a static instance of RangerConfiguration class. While this is convenient, it limits the usability of the classes in different co...    Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2019-11-14, 12:52