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[BEAM-6799] Streamline project version usage - Beam - [issue]
...Currently we have project version set in [1]. On the other hand we overwrite immediately the project version in BeamModulePlugin [2], so that the usage in g...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-06-16, 17:26
[BEAM-6698] Portable Validates Runner Tests on Flink flaky after update to gradle5 - Beam - [issue]
...After upgrade to gradle 5 [1], the two portable runner test projects on jenkins beam_PostCommit_Java_PVR_Flink_Streaming [2] beam_PostCommit_Java_PVR_Flink_Batch [3]b...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-06-10, 17:24
[BEAM-6798] Reconsider usage of gradle release plugin - Beam - [issue]
...Currently, we use the gradle release plugin in a way probably not matching plugins own expectations. Some of this was discussed in [1]After release branch was cut, we call [2]...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-06-10, 17:24
[BEAM-6949] Python Gcp tests stalling on machine without credentials - Beam - [issue]
...When executingpython nosetests --tests test get stuck in betwee...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-06-10, 17:23
[BEAM-7275] ParDoLifecycleTest flaky on SparkValidatesRunner - Beam - [issue]
...Fix of BEAM-7197 seems to have introduced some flakyness...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-05-16, 14:03
[BEAM-7197] ParDoLifecycleTest: exception throwing tests broken - Beam - [issue]
...ParDoLifecycleTest implements tests to assert that DoFn are tore down after another lifecycle method throw an exception.The implementation uses a static AtomicBoolean for assertions [1&#...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-05-16, 14:03
[BEAM-7287] beam_PostCommit_Java11_ValidatesRunner_Direct broken - Beam - [issue]
...Since we switched to the new Jenkins agents, beam_PostCommit_Java11_ValidatesRunner_Direct is consistently failing [1].    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-05-16, 14:03
[BEAM-7307] Revert test-infra to new project layout - Beam - [issue]
...To enable release we needed to revert test-infra changes done in BEAM-4046.After release is done, we should revert changes from Also fix typo fo...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-05-16, 14:01
[BEAM-6948] Remove superseded ant.xml for javadoc creation - Beam - [issue]
...Javadoc previously was created by maven delegating to ant. After migration to Gradle, the corresponding ant build file is superseded by a build.gradle [1], [2]The pom.xml was...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-05-16, 13:58
[BEAM-7276] Flink PVR Streaming tests failing - Beam - [issue]
...After adding [1]ChangesRevert "Merge pull request #8228: [BEAM-7008] adding UTF8 String coder (commit: cc8bc6c) (detail / githubweb)Revert "Merge pull request #8545 from ihji/BEAM-72...    Author: Michael Luckey , 2020-05-16, 13:56