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[HBASE-25090] CompactionConfiguration logs unrealistic store file sizes - HBase - [issue]
...I noticed this in the debug logging of a unit test that makes use of a MiniCluster. I'm pretty sure 8.00 EB – exabytes?? – is not an accurate reporting of the size of these HFile...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-23, 18:10
[HBASE-25053] WAL replay should ignore 0-length files - HBase - [issue]
...I overdrove a small testing cluster, filling HDFS. After cleaning up data to bring HBase back up, I noticed all masters refused to start abort. Logs complain of seeking past EOF. Indeed the ...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-23, 04:47
[HBASE-25085] Add support for java properties to - HBase - [issue]
...A small tweak to so that it can accept a -D argument. I want this for evaluating branch-2.3 with Hadoop3 and JDK11....    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-23, 04:32
[HBASE-24673] TransitionRegionStateProcedure of non-meta regions should yield when meta is unavailable - HBase - [issue]
...One observation from HBASE-24526 is that while meta is unavailable, other region movement procedures are getting stuck on meta RPCs. Let's make it so that non-meta transitions check the stat...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-22, 03:06
[HBASE-25061] Update default URL to KEYS file in `` - HBase - [issue] goes to to find the KEYS file. That URL now gives a redirect to The script doesn't follow the re...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-19, 09:33
[HBASE-25059] TransitionRegionStateProcedure should timeout, rollback, retry instead of waiting infinitely on CONFIRMED_OPEN - HBase - [issue]
...Testing 2.3.2RC1 with ITBLL. The region server assigned to open meta locked up due to HBASE-24896. Meanwhile, the master waits indefinitely on a procedure pid=176583, ppid=176532, state=WAIT...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-19, 00:13
[HBASE-25058] Investigate netty: "jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe.allocateUninitializedArray(int): unavailable" - HBase - [issue]
...Running on JDK11, I noticed this in the debug logging. It looks like netty is using sun.misc.Unsafe instead of the new location on jdk11.2020-09-17 00:21:53,318 DEBUG org.apache.hbase.thirdp...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-17, 17:06
[HBASE-25015] PerformanceEvaluation with presplit randomWrite test has severe hotspotting - HBase - [issue]
...I'm attempting to apply a load to a small distributed cluster (12 RS). I use -presplit and specify 3 regions per region server. randomWrite test with -nomapred and 30 client threads. The res...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-17, 05:49
[HBASE-24227] [JDK11] shell fails to launch - HBase - [issue]
...$ JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/adoptopenjdk-11.jdk/Contents/Home ./bin/hbase shellWARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurredWARNING: Illegal reflective acces...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-15, 16:17
[YETUS-944] Maven version number parsing broken for maven 3.5.4 - Yetus - [issue]
...It seems maven is not holding their version string format as part of their public API contract. With maven-3.5.4, I seemaven=2018-06-17T18:33:14Z)...    Author: Nick Dimiduk , 2020-09-13, 19:38