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[IMPALA-9801] E2E tests crashed in DecimalUtil::DecodeFromFixedLenByteArray - Impala - [issue]
...Found two crashes in e2e tests of a UBSAN Jenkins job, causing bunch of other test failures. The final function call is DecimalUtil::DecodeFromFixedLenByteArray.Crash 1: /data/jenkins/worksp...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-30, 01:01
[IMPALA-9800] BE test parquet-plain-test crashes in ubsan test - Impala - [issue]
...Jenkins log:18/122 Test  #18: parquet-plain-test ...............***Failed    1.66 secTurning perftools heap leak checking offseed = 1590735754Note: Google Test filter = PlainE...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-30, 01:01
[IMPALA-9798] TestScratchDir.test_multiple_dirs fails to start impalad - Impala - [issue]
...Saw in an exhaustive job:Stacktrace:custom_cluster/ in test_multiple_dirs    '--impalad_args=--disk_spill_punch_holes=true'])common/custom_cluster_test_suit...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-30, 00:42
[IMPALA-9794] OutOfMemoryError when loading tpcds text data via Hive - Impala - [issue]
...Saw a data loading failure casued by OutOfMemoryError in a test with erasure coding. The impacted query is inserting data to the store_sales table and fails:Getting log thread is interrupted...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-29, 15:27
[IMPALA-9797] TestAcid.test_acid_negative failed in inserting data via Hive - Impala - [issue]
...Saw the test fails as:query_test/ in test_acid_negative    self.run_test_case('QueryTest/acid-negative', vector, use_db=unique_database)common/    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-29, 14:59
[IMPALA-9799] Flakiness in TestFetchFirst due to wrong results of get_num_in_flight_queries - Impala - [issue]
...Saw two failures for this test in different jenkins jobs:hs2.test_fetch_first.TestFetchFirst.test_query_stmts_v6 (from pytest) Stacktrace:/data/jenkins/workspace/impala-cdpd-master-core...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-29, 14:55
[IMPALA-9802] TestCompressedFormats.test_compressed_formats fails in HDFS copy - Impala - [issue]
...See this fails in rc and seq file formats:query_test.test_compressed_formats.TestCompressedFormats.test_compressed_formats[compression_format: ('.bz2', 'bzip') | file_for...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-29, 14:41
[IMPALA-9795] TestAcidRowValidation.test_row_validation fails in S3 test - Impala - [issue]
...TestAcidRowValidation.test_row_validation is consistently failing in S3 tests:query_test/ in test_row_validation    self._create_test_table(vector, u...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-29, 08:56
[IMPALA-9780] All FE tests should explicitly set/unset the test flag - Impala - [issue]
...To avoid test failures like IMPALA-9743, instead of depending on the default value of the test flag, all FE tests should explicitly set/unset the test flag....    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-28, 22:56
[IMPALA-9350] Ranger audits for column masking not produced - Impala - [issue]
...The audits for applying Ranger column masking policies are missing.Here are audit events for a query "SELECT * FROM default.sample_07" executed by Hive and Impala.Policy 37 is a column maski...    Author: Quanlong Huang , 2020-05-27, 00:15