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[BEAM-6674] The JdbcIO source should produce schemas - Beam - [issue]    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-14, 13:50
[BEAM-6675] The JdbcIO sink should accept schemas - Beam - [issue]
...If the input has a schema, there should be a default mapping to a PreparedStatement for writing based on that schema....    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-14, 13:49
[expand - 16 more] - [DISCUSS] Portability representation of schemas - Beam - [mail # dev]
...As Luke mentioned above, we don't need to add a new mapping transform. Wecan simply create a wrapping coder, that wraps the Java coder.On Thu, Jun 13, 2019 at 4:32 PM Brian Hulette  wro...
   Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-14, 02:41
[BEAM-7334] Create a better Schema builder - Beam - [issue]
...Right now the Schema builder class is a bit verbose to use. The AddFields transform already contains a nicer way of building schemas, but it's coupled to that transform. We should refactor t...    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-12, 08:28
[BEAM-7335] PubSubIO.writeAvros should infer beam schemas - Beam - [issue]
...If the input PCollection has a schema, we should automatically convert it to Avro....    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-12, 08:27
[BEAM-7336] KafkaIO should support inferring schemas when reading Avro - Beam - [issue]
...PubSubIO already supports this.It would also be nice to be able to look up Avro schemas in the Kafka schema registry....    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-12, 08:27
[BEAM-7337] Allow selecting slices of arrays and maps - Beam - [issue]
...It would be nice to allow selecting array slices. So for instanceSelect.fieldNames("a.b[0:3].c")Selecting specific keys from maps would be especially usefulSelect.fieldNames("event.e...    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-12, 08:25
[BEAM-7356] Select should support nested schema selectors - Beam - [issue]    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-12, 08:20
[BEAM-6673] BigQueryIO.Read should automatically produce schemas - Beam - [issue]
...The output PCollections should contain ...    Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-11, 01:38
DirectRunner timers are not strictly time ordered - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Do you mean for a single key or across keys?On Mon, Jun 10, 2019, 5:11 AM Jan Lukavský  wrote:> Hi,>> I have come across issue [1], where I'm not sure how to solve this in> ...
   Author: Reuven Lax , 2019-06-10, 15:08