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[expand - 1 more] - 2FA? - Isis - [mail # user]
...We have not been in a position to extensively test Keycloak + Isis yet, but from what I've seen it worked fine.I expect that we'll be integrating Keycloak in our Estatio deployment at some p...
   Author: Sander Ginn , 2020-04-16, 15:48
[ISIS-1898] Use Joda Interval for LocalDate collection parameter - Isis - [issue]
...// code placeholderTo accommodate to the requirement of a choicesXxx/autoCompleteXxx method for a collection parameter on an action, it would be useful to be able to return a Joda Interval i...    Author: Sander Ginn , 2020-03-19, 15:57
Should @Action be mandatory in v2.0 ? - Isis - [mail # user]
...Hi all,I personally prefer the notion that the ‘default’ mode of an domain object is to treat its members as part of the metamodel, because that’s the problem Isis is aiming to solve. I woul...
   Author: Sander Ginn , 2019-12-05, 17:04
[ISIS-1933] Dropdown menu of dependent choices for an action parameter closes immediately on first open - Isis - [issue]
...The first time a user clicks on a dropdown menu for a bounded parameter of which the choices are dependent on another parameter, the menu window closes immediately. On the second click it do...    Author: Sander Ginn , 2019-01-06, 13:47
Warning a user based on input on action invocation - Isis - [mail # user]
...Hi,We’ve had a number of support requests relating to new users of our application that are not yet fully familiar with their business process. We do not wish to invalidate input as many bus...
   Author: Sander Ginn , 2018-11-23, 15:56
[ISIS-1787] Property named 'Active' conflicts with Bootstrap CSS class (optional configuration property to set as a prefix on all CSS classes) - Isis - [issue]
...Property names are added as a class to the corresponding HTML element:For a property named 'Active', this conflicts with the CSS class .active of Bootstrap, indicating a selected/active elem...    Author: Sander Ginn , 2018-01-08, 19:54
[ISIS-1595] Configuration property for JDOQL VARIABLES clause mismatch - Isis - [issue]
...The migration notes for 1.14.0 states that the configuration property to check for JDOQL VARIABLES class name validity is:isis.reflector.validator.jdoqlVariablesClause However, the correspon...    Author: Sander Ginn , 2017-08-14, 18:59
[ISIS-1412] Actions annotated with SemanticsOf.IDEMPOTENT_ARE_YOU_SURE throw a NullPointerException when invoked through the REST API - Isis - [issue]
...I have an action delete() annotated with @Action(semantics = SemanticsOf.IDEMPOTENT_ARE_YOU_SURE).This is the resulting stack trace after invoking the action through the REST API:{  "cl...    Author: Sander Ginn , 2016-07-11, 19:36
[ISIS-1151] Allow the default view of a collection to be set - Isis - [issue]
...Currently a collection defaults to the table view. I'd like to be able to set a different view (e.g. the calendar) to default. Perhaps via @CollectionLayout?...    Author: Sander Ginn , 2015-11-10, 07:00
[ISIS-1029] Hidden{where} in layout is not honored by table representations - Isis - [issue]
...On removal of all annotations and defining hidden property in the respecting layout json files, these definitions are not honored in table representations. Below is an example of how I defin...    Author: Sander Ginn , 2015-02-23, 22:15