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[YETUS-932] Update copyrights for 2020 - Yetus - [issue]    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-18, 09:36
[HBASE-18561] Blog post w/intro to SyncTable - HBase - [issue]
...In addition to HBASE-15557, we should have a blog post that goes over SyncTable / HashTable . They're a great addition that needs more surfacing to operators....    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 23:42
[YETUS-900] corrections to release process docs - Yetus - [issue]
...track issues I find while going through release for 0.11.0 so I can fix them after....    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:51
[YETUS-906] Site goal hangs when building Website/Documentation module - Yetus - [issue]
...When attempting to build the website via mvn site site:stage the release doc maker call appears to hang.In this example, there was a placeholder jira for 0.12.0 in Resolved status and the bu...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:51
[YETUS-933] Release 0.12.0 - Yetus - [issue]    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:46
[expand - 2 more] - Release plans for this week - Yetus - [mail # dev]
...If someone can give me a review on this trivial patch, it's blocking 0.12: Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 12:48 PM Sean Busbey  wrote:> This obviously d...
   Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:43
[VOTE] Move stable pointer to the latest 2.2.x release - HBase - [mail # dev]
...FWIW I don't think we need a VOTE on this; consensus has been shown acrossseveral discussion threads.all the same, +1 from me.On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 8:42 AM Duo Zhang  wrote:> We ha...
   Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:14
Rolling upgrade from 1.x to 2.x for cluster with Dynamic coprocessors on table - HBase - [mail # dev]
...The path to the dynamic coprocessor jars is something you can configure inhbase-site.xml. maintain different path configs for the RS that are still1.y compared to those that are 2.y.On Fri, ...
   Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:12
Needs support to add more entropy to improve cryptographic randomness on Linux VMs - Hadoop - [mail # dev]
...You should file an INFRA jira asking about this. They can get in touchwith the folks who maintain the Hadoop labeled nodes.On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 12:42 PM Ahmed Hussein  wrote:>>...
   Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-14, 19:14
[DISCUSS] Guidelines for Code cleanup JIRAs - HBase - [mail # dev]
...the link didn't work for me. here's another:, I like this as an approach. I really value the clean up work,but cleanup / bug fixes that don't make it into ...
   Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-10, 21:08