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[KAFKA-10079] Improve thread-level stickiness of stateful tasks - Kafka - [issue]
...Now that KAFKA-9501 is fixed, we should make sure that KIP-441 will work with in-memory stores.Since we don't handoff stores between threads, any in-memory state will be wiped out if assigne...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-06-04, 17:42
[KAFKA-10085] Compute lag correctly for optimized source changelogs - Kafka - [issue]
...During KIP-441 we originally decided to leave the special handling of optimized source changelogs as a potential future improvement, since over-estimating lag was acceptable. But as always t...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-06-04, 17:28
[KAFKA-10102] Source node references not updated after rebuilding topology - Kafka - [issue]
...Luckily this bug was caught by RegexSourceIntegrationTest#testRegexRecordsAreProcessedAfterReassignment – we saw it fail with an NPE during SourceNode#deserializeKey, implying that the key d...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-06-04, 16:33
[KAFKA-9148] Consider forking RocksDB for Streams - Kafka - [issue]
...We recently upgraded our RocksDB dependency to 5.18 for its memory-management abilities (namely the WriteBufferManager, see KAFKA-8215). Unfortunately, someone from Flink recently discovered...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-06-04, 01:34
[KAFKA-9161] Close gaps in Streams configs documentation - Kafka - [issue]
...There are a number of Streams configs that aren't documented in the "Configuring a Streams Application" section of the docs. As of 2.3 the missing configs are: default.windowed.key.serde.inn...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-06-04, 00:18
[KAFKA-9987] Improve sticky partition assignor algorithm - Kafka - [issue]
...In KIP-429 we added the new CooperativeStickyAssignor which leverages on the underlying sticky assignment algorithm of the existing StickyAssignor (moved to AbstractStickyAssignor). The algo...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-06-02, 20:10
[KAFKA-10078] Partition may skip assignment with static members and incremental rebalances - Kafka - [issue]
...When static membership (KIP-345) and incremental rebalancing (KIP-429) are turned on at the same time, that upon failure it is possible some partitions are not assigned to anyone. The event ...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-06-01, 19:09
[KAFKA-10052] Flaky Test InternalTopicsIntegrationTest.testCreateInternalTopicsWithFewerReplicasThanBrokers - Kafka - [issue]
...Stacktrace java.lang.NullPointerException  at org.apache.kafka.connect.util.clusters.EmbeddedConnectClusterAssertions.assertTopicSettings( &nbs...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-05-28, 07:05
[KAFKA-10017] Flaky Test EosBetaUpgradeIntegrationTest.shouldUpgradeFromEosAlphaToEosBeta - Kafka - [issue]
...Creating a new ticket for this since the root cause is different than injectError = true:Stacktracejava.lang.AssertionError: Did not rece...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-05-28, 03:55
[KAFKA-10006] Streams should not attempt to create internal topics that may exist - Kafka - [issue]
...During assignment, Streams will attempt to validate all internal topics and their number of partitions, and create them if necessary. However we have seen that the InternalTopicManager will ...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-05-28, 03:19