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[HBASE-23371] [HBCK2] Provide client side method for removing "ghost" regions in meta. - HBase - [issue]
...We found some customers facing problems where region entries are present in meta, but no related region dir is available on the underlying files system. The actual cause couldn't be confirme...    Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-12-06, 11:32
[HBASE-23367] Remove unused constructor from WALPrettyPrinter - HBase - [issue]
...WALPrettyPrinter is marked as limited private and defines a currently unused constructor defining several parameters. It's not used on any of the base 2 branches either. Since it's supposed ...    Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-12-06, 02:04
[HBASE-23197] "IllegalArgumentException: Wrong FS" on edits replay when WALs on different file system and hbase.region.archive.recovered.edits is enabled. - HBase - [issue]
...This was caught by execution tests from our Romil Choksi, when running hbase with WALs on hdfs, HFiles on S3. Upon initial analysis from Josh Elser of below stack trace, we concluded this is...    Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-26, 23:42
[VOTE] First release candidate for Apache HBase 1.4.12 - HBase - [mail # dev]
...+1Downloaded source tar, unpacked, then running hbase-vote script all passed,apart from checksum failure, but I then had checksum manually and it ismatching. * Signature: ok   ...
   Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-26, 13:32
[HBASE-23329] Remove unused methods from RequestConverter - HBase - [issue]
...Noticed some unused methods on RequestConverter class, probably some leftovers from previous refactorings. Since this is targeted for private use, should be fine to just remove those extra u...    Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-23, 15:37
[VOTE] First release candidate for HBase 2.1.8 is available for download - HBase - [mail # dev]
...+1Signature: okChecksum : okRat check (1.8.0_222): okBuilt from source (1.8.0_222): okTests: okRun manual CRUD tests deployed on pseudo distributed mode: okhbase ltt -tn test-2 -families cf ...
   Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-22, 14:46
[ANNOUNCE] New HBase committer Ankit Singhal - HBase - [mail # dev]
...Wow, congratulations and welcome, Ankit!Em ter, 12 de nov de 2019 às 16:39, Josh Elser  escreveu:> On behalf of the Apache HBase PMC, I'm pleased to announce that Ankit> Singhal h...
   Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-12, 16:56
Deleting a (contiguous) subset of the columns in a row - HBase - [mail # user]
...I don't think you would have an easier way to do this without having toredefine your table layout, so that you split these two groups intoseparate column families, and apply this "classifica...
   Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-11, 10:46
[HBASE-23255] CLI hbase command prints ERROR when hadoop is set in OS path - HBase - [issue]
...When hadoop is set on the OS path, hbase CLI command prints below error, before processing and executing related option:[root@hbase01 hbase-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT]# bin/hbase versionError: Could not...    Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-06, 10:02
[HBASE-23238] Additional test and checks for null references on ScannerCallableWithReplicas - HBase - [issue]
...One of our customers running a 1.2 based version is facing NPE when scanning data from a MR job. It happens when the map task is finalising:...2019-09-10 14:17:22,238 INFO [main] org.apache....    Author: Wellington Chevreuil , 2019-11-02, 15:17