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[HBASE-22810] Initialize an separate ThreadPoolExecutor for taking/restoring snapshot - HBase - [issue]
...In EventType class, we have the following definition, means  taking snapshot & restoring snapshot are use the MASTER_TABLE_OPERATIONS  Executor now.   /**   * Me...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-21, 20:28
[HBASE-22867] The ForkJoinPool in CleanerChore will spawn thousands of threads in our cluster with thousands table - HBase - [issue]
...The thousands of spawned  threads make the safepoint cost 80+s in our Master JVM processs.2019-08-15,19:35:35,861 INFO [main-SendThread(] org.apache.zookeep...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-21, 19:03
[HBASE-21879] Read HFile's block to ByteBuffer directly instead of to byte for reducing young gc purpose - HBase - [issue]
...In HFileBlock#readBlockDataInternal,  we have the following: @VisibleForTestingprotected HFileBlock readBlockDataInternal(FSDataInputStream is, long offset,    long onDiskSize...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-20, 14:12
[HBASE-22855] Find the root cause why still using the old hbase:meta location after meta region moving. - HBase - [issue]
...In HBASE-214644, Andrew Purtell  had a nice fix about the using the stale hbase:meta location, say update the hbase:meta location periodically.    Also someone in user list al...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-15, 16:45
[HBASE-22795] Align the API interfaces in TimeRange - HBase - [issue]
...There's a mail from user list , says TimeRange API is not good enough now.    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-14, 10:14
[HBASE-22582] The Compaction writer may access the lastCell whose memory has been released when appending fileInfo in the final - HBase - [issue]
...Copy the comment from chenxu under HBASE-21879:    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-14, 02:25
[HBASE-20166] Make sure the RS/Master can works fine when using table based replication storage layer - HBase - [issue]
...Currently,   we cannot setup the HBase Cluster because the master will list peers before finish its initialization, and if master cannot finish initialization, the meta cannot be online...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-13, 00:01
[HBASE-17651] Add a flag for grant ruby shell command to merge existing permissions. - HBase - [issue]
...As HBASE-17472 said,   we'll implement a new shell command  grant2 to add one or more action(s) for user, and deprecated previous grant shell command....    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-08, 21:04
[HBASE-22811] Deprecated the PageFilter because it's not a global page filter but only region level page filter. - HBase - [issue]
...In HBASE-21332,  one user complain about the PageFilter. Say  have a table with 5 regions: (-oo, 111), [111, 222), [222, 333), [333, 444), [444, +oo), and each region have > 100...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-07, 07:31
[HBASE-22598] Deprecated the hbase.ipc.server.reservoir.initial.buffer.size & hbase.ipc.server.reservoir.initial.max for HBase2.x compatibility - HBase - [issue]
...In, we have a doc says: In HBase3.x, the configure hbase.ipc.server.reservoir.initial.buffer.size and hbase.ipc.server.reservoir.initial.max ar...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-08-04, 00:40