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[FLINK-14033] Distributed caches are not registered in Yarn Per Job Cluster Mode - Flink - [issue]
...CacheFiles in StreamExecutionEnvironment is not used in Job Submission in the Yarn per job cluster mode. Compare to the job submission in session cluster mode that will upload distributed ca...    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-12-04, 14:27
[FLINK-14982] YARN IT Test Case log config is mistakenly disabled - Flink - [issue]
...The FLINK-14630 Make the yarn APPLICATION_LOG_CONFIG_FILE an internal option changed how log config is shipped in YarnClusterDescritor. Currently, we need to rely on the yarn.log-config-file...    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-12-03, 18:28
[FLINK-14841] Add create and drop function DDL in parser - Flink - [issue]    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-11-20, 18:03
[FLINK-14711] Add Alter Function and Show Functions in SQL Parser - Flink - [issue]
...It is a sibling ticket for Alter Function StatementALTER [TEMPORARY|TEMPORARY SYSTEM] FUNCTION [IF EXISTS] [catalog_name...    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-11-19, 23:04
[FLINK-12342] Yarn Resource Manager Acquires Too Many Containers - Flink - [issue]
...In currently implementation of YarnFlinkResourceManager, it starts to acquire new container one by one when get request from SlotManager. The mechanism works when job is still, say less than...    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-11-07, 10:31
[FLINK-14215] Add Docs for TM and JM Environment Variable Setting - Flink - [issue]
...Add description for /** Prefix for passing custom environment variables to Flink's master process. For example for passing LD_LIBRARY_PATH as an env variable to the AppMaster, set: containe...    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-10-15, 08:47
[CALCITE-3349] Add Function DDL into SqlKind DDL enum - Calcite - [issue]
...Currently, Create Function, Drop Function are not added into SqlKind DDL enum....    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-10-09, 21:00
[CALCITE-3358] Make Function DDLs implement SqlExecutableStatement - Calcite - [issue]    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-10-09, 20:59
[FLINK-10868] Flink's JobCluster ResourceManager doesn't use maximum-failed-containers as limit of resource acquirement - Flink - [issue]
...Currently, YarnResourceManager does use yarn.maximum-failed-containers as limit of resource acquirement. In worse case, when new start containers consistently fail, YarnResourceManager will ...    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-09-05, 15:51
[FLINK-13132] Allow JobClusterEntrypoints use user main method to generate job graph - Flink - [issue]
...We are building a service that can transparently deploy a job to different cluster management systems, such as Yarn and another internal system. It is very cost to download the jar and gener...    Author: Zhenqiu Huang , 2019-07-18, 05:27