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[SPARK-32867] HiveTablerelation show too much message of Catalogpartitions - Spark - [issue]
...HiveTablerelation show too much message of Catalogpartitions...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-09-21, 09:15
[SPARK-32939] Avoid re-compute expensive expression - Spark - [issue]
...  test("Pushdown demo") {    withTable("t") {      withTempDir { loc =>        sql(          s"""CREATE TABLE t(...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-09-19, 05:46
[SPARK-32830] Optimize Skewed BroadcastNestedLoopJoin with AE - Spark - [issue]
...For BroadcastNestedLoopJoin, we will broadcast boradcast-side child to all executor and use stream side partition's data traversal broadcast-side data one-by-one. We have meet some case that...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-09-09, 10:06
[SPARK-32818] Make hive metastore convert config  can be changed session level - Spark - [issue]
...There are some cases that we have history hive  table, in origin, it use textfile serde, later  it's change to orc serde, since during convert, it will use table level serde to scan all part...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-09-08, 07:40
[SPARK-32807] Spark ThriftServer multisession mode set DB use direct API - Spark - [issue]
...When spark thrift server multi session mode, if we define init default db, it will call `use db` to set default db, when there is high concurrent, it's slow...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-09-07, 06:16
[SPARK-31670] Using complex type in Aggregation with cube failed Analysis error - Spark - [issue]
...Will wrong with below SQLtest("TEST STRUCT FIELD WITH GROUP BY with CUBE") {  withTable("t1") {    sql(      """create table t1(        |a s...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-09-02, 13:49
[SPARK-32400] Test coverage of HiveScripTransformationExec - Spark - [issue]
...Add more test case for script transformation to make use case more clear. Doing below things1. Extract common test case (no serde) to BasicScriptTransformationExecSuite2. Add more test case ...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-08-31, 03:11
[SPARK-31936] Implement ScriptTransform in sql/core - Spark - [issue]
...ScriptTransformation currently relies on Hive internals. It'd be great if we can implement a native ScriptTransformation in sql/core module to remove the extra Hive dependency here....    Author: angerszhu , 2020-08-26, 04:34
[SPARK-32692] Support INSERT OVERWRITE DIR cross cluster - Spark - [issue]    Author: angerszhu , 2020-08-26, 04:32
[SPARK-32608] Script Transform DELIMIT  value should be formatted - Spark - [issue]
...For SQL SELECT TRANSFORM(a, b, c)  ROW FORMAT DELIMITED  FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','  LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'  NULL DEFINED AS 'null'  USING 'cat' AS (a, b, c)  R...    Author: angerszhu , 2020-08-23, 06:46