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Collect `host_metrics` in Kubernetes - Vector - [issue]
...Vector aims to be the single agent to collect, process, and send all observability data. In order to deliver on this claim in a Kubernetes cluster, Vector must collect host-level metrics to ...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-27, 01:29
Collect kubernetes audit logs - Vector - [issue]
...This page outlines how to collect Kubernetes audit logs. I'd like to also add our own example to the list here.A few questions for this issue:Is there anything additional we need to do to co...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-27, 01:08
New `kubernetes_system_events` source - Vector - [issue]
...Kubernetes exposes an event stream for system events. I'd like to collect these as an option and run them through the pipeline like any other log event.Prior Art    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-27, 01:02
Include internal trace context with internal metrics - Vector - [issue]
...#1953 introduced a new internal_metrics source for Vector's internal metrics. Metrics are defined within events, you can see an example here. A caveat noted in #1953 is the ability to carry ...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-26, 23:37
New `kubernetes_system_metrics` source RFC - Vector - [issue]
...RFC for #3228. No need to go overboard with this. It should address the core concerns: How Vector will be deployed to collect these metrics. Which metrics will be collected and how...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-26, 21:28
New `kubernetes_system_metrics` source - Vector - [issue]
...The kubernetes_system_metrics source collects metrics about the Kubernetes system itself (not services running in Kubernetes).Open QuestionsShould we use the k8s metrics API or should we use...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-26, 21:26
Prometheus database as a metrics source (backup/export) - Vector - [issue]
...This issue represents treating one or more Prometheus databases as a metrics source. In other words, being able to export Promtheus data for backup or routing to another metrics destination....    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-26, 21:19
New `format_timestamp` remap function - Vector - [issue]
...A format_timestamp function takes a timestamp as argument and formats it according to Rust's strftime format.Note, we explicitly opted not to use the strftime function name, since our remap ...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-26, 12:53
QA the new automatic concurrency feature - Vector - [issue]
...#3094 introduces the ability for Vector to automatically determine the optimal in_flight_limit value. RFC 1858 outlines this feature. Given the automatic nature of this feature, we need to t...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-25, 23:54
New `mongodb_metrics` source RFC - Vector - [issue]
...RFC for #3093...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-09-25, 21:00