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[SPARK-30261] Should not change owner of hive table  for  some commands like 'alter' operation - Spark - [issue]
...For SparkSQL,When we do some alter operations on hive table, the owner of hive table would be changed to someone who invoked the operation, it's unresonable. And in fact, the owner should no...    Author: chenliang , 2020-01-17, 06:32
[SPARK-30260] Spark-Shell throw ClassNotFoundException exception for more than one statement to use UDF jar - Spark - [issue]
...When we start spark-shell and use the udf for the first statement ,it's ok. But for the other statements it failed to load jar to current classpath and would throw ClassNotFoundException,the...    Author: chenliang , 2020-01-07, 03:37
[SPARK-26543] Support the coordinator to determine post-shuffle partitions more reasonably - Spark - [issue]
...For SparkSQL ,when we open AE by 'set spark.sql.adapative.enable=true',the ExchangeCoordinator will introduced to determine the number of post-shuffle partitions. But in some certain conditi...    Author: chenliang , 2020-01-04, 00:06
[SPARK-30262] Avoid NumberFormatException when totalSize is empty - Spark - [issue]
...We could get the Partitions Statistics Info.But in some specail case, The Info  like  totalSize,rawDataSize,rowCount maybe empty. When we do some ddls like   desc formatted partition ,the Nu...    Author: chenliang , 2019-12-18, 23:14
[SPARK-26334] NullPointerException  in CallMethodViaReflection when we apply reflect function for empty field - Spark - [issue]
...In the table shown below:CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE `test_db4`(`a` string, `b` string, `url` string) PARTITIONED BY (`dt` string);    For field `url`, some values  are initialized to NULL . ...    Author: chenliang , 2019-01-08, 02:28
[SPARK-26557] The configuration of maven-checkstyle-plugin  is error for  mvn  install - Spark - [issue]
...When I build the Spark with the maven script:mvn install -Psparkr -Pyarn -Phadoop-2.7 -Dhadoop.version=2.7.3  -Phive-thriftserver -Pnetlib-lgpl -Pspark-ganglia-lgpl -DskipTests -Denforc...    Author: chenliang , 2019-01-07, 08:02
[SPARK-26542] Support the coordinator to demerminte post-shuffle partitions more reasonably - Spark - [issue]
...For SparkSQL ,when we  open AE by 'set spark.sql.adapative.enable=true',the ExchangeCoordinator will  introduced to determine the number of post-shuffle partitions. But in some cer...    Author: chenliang , 2019-01-06, 00:52
答复: [RESULT][VOTE] Apache CarbonData 0.1.0-incubating release - CarbonData - [mail # dev]
...Hi all  Cheer! Thanks for all contributors, you did very good works in 1st release.  Regards Liang -----邮件原件----- 发件人: Jean-Baptiste Onofré [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]  发送时间: 2...
   Author: Chenliang , 2016-08-26, 01:19
答复: load data fail - CarbonData - [mail # dev]
...Can you share the case experience: how did you solve it.  Regards Liang -----邮件原件----- 发件人: 金铸 [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]  发送时间: 2016年8月17日 10:31 收件人: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 主题: Re: loa...
   Author: Chenliang , 2016-08-17, 02:35
答复: 按quick start说明在spark-shell执行到create table时报错 - CarbonData - [mail # dev]
...Hi  The issue has been solved with Eason's help @yanwei: Welcome to try Apache CarbonData , look forward to seeing your contribution in community :)  Regards Liang 发件人: [EMAIL PROT...
   Author: Chenliang , 2016-06-30, 10:38