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RFE: Have imrelp and omrelp log rejections  (oversize messages) - Rsyslog - [issue]
...According to the documentation:Any messages above this size will be rejected causing the relp client to reconnect and retryAs I understand it, neither omrelp (client) or imrelp (receiver) lo...    Author: deoren , 2020-04-28, 08:35
Fix module name in pInputName comment - Rsyslog - [issue]
...Unless I misunderstand, the comment contains a reference to a different module than this one (perhaps a bad copy/paste/modify operation). I noticed this while reviewing the code in an attemp...    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 11:48
Misc typo fixes to the CONTRIBUTING doc - Rsyslog - [issue]    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 10:46
Changelog: Fixed small typo - Rsyslog - [issue]    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 10:45
CONTRIBUTING doc - Fix header syntax, update all for consistency - Rsyslog - [issue]    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 09:42
ChangeLog: Fix parameter name - Rsyslog - [issue]
...refs #2482...    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 03:20
Changelog: Fix config.enabled parameter name - Rsyslog - [issue]
...Fix two instances of the wrong name.closes #2521refs rsyslog/rsyslog-doc#614...    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 03:19
Ubuntu PPA is missing v8.28.0 - Rsyslog - [issue]
...Currently only 8.27.0 is available from the v8-stable PPA ( you for providing this PPA. I appreciate being able to use newe...    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 01:38
Ubuntu PPA package for 16.04+ does not provide override for the /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/var.conf file - Rsyslog - [issue]
...Scenario where this matters:Ubuntu 14.04 is installed, stock Ubuntu repo-provided rsyslog is working normally, able to dynamically generate log files within /var/log .User enables PPA and in...    Author: deoren , 2019-12-27, 01:38
Enhance "queue.fullDelayMark is set below high water mark" message to explicitly indicate it is an error condition - Rsyslog - [issue]
...From #1865 :Oct 19 12:13:19 mww-allsight rsyslogd-2358: queue "action 1 queue": queue.fullDelayMark is set below high water mark. This will result in DA mode  NOT being activated for fu...    Author: deoren , 2019-12-26, 21:31