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[SPARK-27637] If exception occured while  fetching blocks by netty block transfer service, check whether the relative executor is alive before retry - Spark - [issue]
...There are several kinds of shuffle client, blockTransferService and externalShuffleClient.For the externalShuffleClient,  there are relative external shuffle service, which guarantees &...    Author: feiwang , 2019-08-16, 15:29
[SPARK-27876] Split large shuffle partition to multi-segments to enable transfer oversize shuffle partition block. - Spark - [issue]
...There is a limit for shuffle read. If a shuffle partition block's size is large than Integer.MaxValue(2GB) and this block is fetched from remote, an Exception will be thrown.    20...    Author: feiwang , 2019-07-29, 03:49
[SPARK-28194] [SQL] A NoSuchElementException maybe thrown when EnsureRequirement - Spark - [issue] None.get at scala.None$.get(Option.scala:347) at scala.None$.get(Option.scala:345) at$$anonfun$re...    Author: feiwang , 2019-07-18, 07:05
[SPARK-27562] Complete the verification mechanism for shuffle transmitted data - Spark - [issue]
...We've seen some shuffle data corruption during shuffle read phase. As described in SPARK-26089, spark only checks small  shuffle blocks before PR #23453, which is proposed by ankuriitg....    Author: feiwang , 2019-07-16, 16:41
[SPARK-27716] Complete the transactions support for part of jdbc datasource operations. - Spark - [issue]
...With the jdbc datasource, we can save a rdd to the database.The comments for the function saveTable is that.  /**   * Saves the RDD to the database in a single transaction.&nb...    Author: feiwang , 2019-06-19, 02:04
[SPARK-28047] [UI]  Little bug in executorspage.js - Spark - [issue]    Author: feiwang , 2019-06-14, 05:47
[SPARK-27814] The cast operation for partitioned column may push down uncorrect filter, which is fatal. - Spark - [issue]
...For a partitioned table, such as:table test (c1 int, c2 string) partitioned by (c3 Int)If we use a cast operation in query, which cast the partitioned column, such as :select * from test whe...    Author: feiwang , 2019-05-23, 15:56
[SPARK-27515] [Deploy] When application master retry after a long time running, the hdfs delegation token may be expired - Spark - [issue]
...When submit a spark yarn application, we first create a container launch context and store the relative tokens.And for each attempt of applicationMaster, it would transfer origin tokens for ...    Author: feiwang , 2019-04-19, 02:30
[SPARK-27247]  [SQL]If the logicPlan get from cached is invalid, invalid it and rertry instead of assert error directly - Spark - [issue]
...Catalyst cache some logic plan.During relationConversions(Relation conversion from metastore relations to data source relations for better performance), if the logicPlan get from cached is i...    Author: feiwang , 2019-03-22, 12:42
[SPARK-26795] Retry remote fileSegmentManagedBuffer when creating inputStream failed during shuffle read phase - Spark - [issue]
...There is a parameter spark.maxRemoteBlockSizeFetchToMem, which means the remote block will be fetched to disk when size of the block is above this threshold in bytes.So during shuffle read p...    Author: feiwang , 2019-03-03, 14:40