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[SPARK-32164] GeneralizedLinearRegressionSummary optimization - Spark - [issue]
...compute several statistics on single pass...    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-07-03, 03:24
[SPARK-31976] use MemoryUsage to control the size of block - Spark - [issue]
...According to the performance test in, the performance gain is mainly related to the nnz of block.So it maybe reasonable to control the size ...    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-07-02, 04:40
[SPARK-32060] Huber loss Convergence - Spark - [issue]
...performace test in, Huber loss seems start to diverge since 70 iters.   for (size <- Seq(1, 4, 16, 64); iter <- Seq(10,...    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-06-30, 08:48
[SPARK-32061] potential regression if use memoryUsage instead of numRows - Spark - [issue]
...1, if the `memoryUsage` is improperly set, for example, too small to store a instance;2,  the blockify+GMM reuse two matrices whose shape is related to current blockSize:@transient private l...    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-06-23, 01:47
[SPARK-31925] Summary.totalIterations greater than maxIters - Spark - [issue]
...I am not sure whether it is a bug, but if we set maxIter=n in LiR/LiR/etc, the model.summary.totalIterations will return n+1 if the training procedure does not drop out. friendly ping Huaxin...    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-06-15, 13:49
[SPARK-31948] expose mapSideCombine in aggByKey/reduceByKey/foldByKey - Spark - [issue]
...1. aggregateByKey, reduceByKey and  foldByKey will always perform mapSideCombine;However, this can be skiped sometime, specially in ML (RobustScaler):vectors.mapPartitions { iter => ...    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-06-11, 05:36
[SPARK-29093] Remove automatically generated param setters in - Spark - [issue]
...The main difference between scala and py sides come from the automatically generated param setter in make them in sync, we should remove those setters in shared...    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-06-03, 23:07
[SPARK-31783] Performance test on dense and sparse datasets - Spark - [issue]    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-05-21, 06:54
[SPARK-31782] Performance test on dense and sparse datasets - Spark - [issue]    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-05-21, 05:52
[SPARK-31714] Performance test on java vectorization vs dot vs gemv vs gemm - Spark - [issue]    Author: zhengruifeng , 2020-05-15, 07:33