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Federation Design Note - Apache Qpid - Apache Software Foundation - Qpid - [wiki]
...  Page Title  Space  Updated     {0}     {0}     {3}    {5}    Skip to end of metadata Created by Carl Trieloff , last modifi...    Author: Ted Ross , 2008-11-07, 00:00
[ODE-404] Process Instance Cleanup - ODE - [issue]
...Add ability to automatically remove process instance data when the instance completes/terminates....    Author: Sean Ahn , 2008-11-06, 23:52
Mapper settings... - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...In that case.  I will try to put a patch for this if nobody else is working on it  Best Bhupesh        On 10/31/08 4:06 PM, "Owen O'Malley"  wrote:  &...
   Author: Bhupesh Bansal , 2008-11-06, 23:32
[expand - 1 more] - Build failed in Hudson: HBase-Patch #391 - HBase - [mail # dev]
...I took a look at your patch; no way that it can be related IMHO (Its TTMR that failed).  One of us will dig in... St.Ack   On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 1:43 PM, Andrew Purtell  wrot...
   Author: stack , Andrew Purtell , ... , 2008-11-06, 23:25
[TAP5-259] BeanEditForm should autogenerate upload field for UploadedFile type - Tapestry - [issue]
...Currently, if I have a "data" or "domain" class used in conjunction with BeanEditForm and that class contains a field of type UploadedFile, BeanEditForm does not generate a field for uploadi...    Author: Bill Holloway , 2008-11-06, 23:22
[TAP5-323] Fields marked with @Persist should not allow default values - Tapestry - [issue]
...An error should be raised when a persistent field comes with inline mutable object  initialization, cause the result is very surprised: the field is not in session boundary, instead vis...    Author: Yunhua Sang , 2008-11-06, 23:11
Different tokenizing algorithms for the same stream - Solr - [mail # user]
...Hello all,  I'm trying to implement a tokenizer that will behave differently on different parts of the incoming stream. For example, for the first X words in the stream I would like to ...
   Author: Yuri Jan , 2008-11-06, 23:08
[TAP5-206] Document that you should not instantiate an @Persist field in its declaration - Tapestry - [issue]
...Because of Tapestry's page pooling, persistent objects can behave in strange ways if not handled properly.  Issues can arise when setting a value on a persistent property at the same ti...    Author: Dave Dombrosky , 2008-11-06, 23:04
crawl/re-crawl script for intranet search AND a nightly build - Nutch - [mail # user]
...Hi,  Starting about six months ago, I have been using Nutch to index web pages on my company's intranet.  After some experimentation, I used Susam Pal's "runbot" script to do the c...
   Author: Moore, Lee C , 2008-11-06, 22:48
PriorityQueue in NearestNUserNeighborhood - Mahout - [mail # dev]
...Hi,  I see this in the NearestNUserNeighborhood:            ListIterator iterator = queue.listIterator(queue.size());           wh...
   Author: Otis Gospodnetic , 2008-11-06, 22:47