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AWS MapReduce - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Just want to check  how many are using AWS mapreduce and understand the pros and cons of Amazon's MapReduce machines? Is it true that these map reduce machines are really reading and wr...
   Author: Mohit Anchlia , 2012-03-03, 23:54
The location of the map execution - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Hi all,  We tried using mapreduce to execute a simple map code which read a txt   file stored in HDFS and write then the output. The file to read is a very small one. It was not sp...
   Author: Hassen Riahi , 2012-03-03, 23:52
Un-observing in a Canopy - Mahout - [mail # user]
...So, I'm messing around with a clustering problem where I want to move items from cluster to cluster and maintain centroids. Lazy person that I am, I am using the Canopy class. But it looks t...
   Author: Benson Margulies , 2012-03-03, 23:39
[AMQ-1905] Method required: ObjectName[] ConnectionViewMBean.getConsumers() - ActiveMQ - [issue]
...this would allow us in a JMX console to navigate from a connection to its consumers...    Author: james strachan , 2012-03-03, 23:30
Problem running Pig script with Jython - Pig - [mail # user]
...Hi,  I'm currently trying to run the following Jython script:  #!/usr/bin/python  from org.apache.pig.scripting import *  res = Pig.compile("""loaded1 = LOAD 'hbase://tfi...
   Author: Juan Martin Pampliega , 2012-03-03, 23:11
Review Request: JRuby UDFs in Pig - Pig - [mail # dev]
...----------------------------------------------------------- This is an automatically generated e-mail. To reply, visit: ------------------------...
   Author: Julien Le Dem , 2012-03-03, 22:26
[expand - 2 more] - Distributed Deployment Questions - Flume - [mail # user]
...Just wanted to say that I added a randomized 0-200 second sleep in my flume-daemon shell script, which I use to start the Flume service on the agents when new servers are launched.  I e...
   Author: Jay Stricks , alo alt , ... , 2012-03-03, 21:56
[AMQ-1907] method required:  ObjectName SubscriptionViewMBean.getConnection() - ActiveMQ - [issue]
...then in JMX tools we can havigate from a subscription to the connection...    Author: james strachan , 2012-03-03, 21:52
[expand - 1 more] - Freeze on commits to 0.92 branch while producing 0.92.1RC0 - HBase - [mail # dev]
...What about HBASE-5371: Introduce AccessControllerProtocol.checkPermissions(Permission[] permissons) API  Andy has given +1 for the addendum. Should I wait for Tuesday to integrate into ...
   Author: Ted Yu , Stack , ... , 2012-03-03, 21:46
[expand - 3 more] - HBase with EMR - HBase - [mail # user]
...Mohit,  Adding to what Andy and Vaibhav have listed - you'll need to ensure that the Hadoop versions running in EMR and your HBase cluster are compatible if you want to run MapReduce fr...
   Author: Amandeep Khurana , Vaibhav Puranik , ... , 2012-03-03, 21:20