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[ATLAS-2447] Advanced Search DSL: Improve Select Queries Using De-duplication During Query Formation - Atlas - [issue]
...In the provided Atlas instance , there are many 1000+ hive_table entities .Few of them :db2.table1db1.table1db1.table2 db3.table2DSL query :typename = hive_tablequery = name > "table1"lis...    Author: Ashutosh Mestry , 2018-02-14, 23:58
Create Java 9 modules - gRPC - [issue]
...Java 9 modules solve many causes of version collision issues, which would greatly help users. Granted, it's not helpful unless people are actually on Java 9.This is probably blocked by #3522...    Author: ejona86 , 2018-02-14, 23:55
[prometheus-users] GitLab exporter with Prometheus - Prometheus - [mail # user]
...I'm totally new to Prometheus and I'm very confused.GitLab says you can monitor GitLab runners with prometheus by setting the metrics_server config option . I set it to `metrics_server = :92...
   Author: Anne , 2018-02-14, 23:54
Strata Conference this March 6-8 - Beam - [mail # user]
...Folks,  Just wanted to confirm if we've finalized on meeting for the Strata Conference this March 6-8? I remember something about a calendar getting put somewhere but I can't seem to find th...
   Author: Ron Gonzalez , 2018-02-14, 23:54
[kubernetes-users] NAT for outgoing traffic - Kubernetes - [mail # user]
...Currently the only way to get a static egress IP is to install yourown proxy VM(s) - either L7 or L4 (NAT).On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 1:17 PM,   wrote:> Hi,>> I've got an RDS Data...
   Author: Tim Hockin , 2018-02-14, 23:53
new FAQ documentation - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Write a new FAQ document.  The next question is; what do we include. Here are some ideas:there is no cli option to do x, how do I do it?how do I use my own image?how do I shut down my c...    Author: chrislovecnm , 2018-02-14, 23:53
NPM: Installing global packages contains a slow check - Saltstack - [issue]
...When installing global NPM modules, the salt script runs "npm list --silent --json --global" for every global package. This is not needed - this function takes rather long and if only called...    Author: RobQuistNL , 2018-02-14, 23:52
winrepo repositories must reside within file_roots base: - Saltstack - [issue]
...After some hair tearing today, I've discovered that the winrepo MUST live within the file_roots base:I had configured the winrepo to be at the same level in my local filesystem as file_roots...    Author: rterbush , 2018-02-14, 23:52
1st or top FAQ entry on 'is-salt-open-core' needs amending from 'no' to 'yes' - Saltstack - [issue]
...The very first FAQ entry deals with the very important question of whether salt is fully open source or 'only' open-core.With the announcements on salt enterprise 4.0 and it's GUI, it is cle...    Author: TheBigBear , 2018-02-14, 23:52
pip.installed doesn't support recursive requirements files - Saltstack - [issue]
...Given a requirements.txt file that looks like:pycrypto==2.6ndg-httpsclient==0.4.0pyOpenSSL==0.15.1pyasn1==0.1.8-r requirements-local.txtAnd a salt config:    pip.installed:  &...    Author: rbranche , 2018-02-14, 23:52