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[ATLAS-2636] Business catalog: Creating a glossary with incorrect GUID, fails first time. When the same request with the same payload returns "409 conflict" saying "Glossary category with qualifiedName category1 already exists" - Atlas - [issue]
...Create a category with below payload, this will fail with 500 internal error.{  "qualifiedName": "category1",  "displayName": "Bank accounts",  "anchor": {  "glossaryGui...    Author: Ayub Pathan , 2018-05-16, 23:59
[ATLAS-2566] Adopt @AtlasJSON annotation across model classes - Atlas - [issue]
...@AtlasJSON captures all essentials of the JSON serialization/deserialization configuration in Atlas. Currently only the Glossary models are annotated with this Annotation, this changeset mak...    Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-05-16, 23:59
[expand - 1 more] - omelasticsearch - failed operation handling - Rsyslog - [mail # user]
...there's no need to add this extra complexity (multiple rulesets and queues)What should be happening (on any output module) is:submit a batch.    If rejected with a soft error, retr...
   Author: David Lang , Rich Megginson , ... , 2018-05-16, 23:58
[ATLAS-2598] Add POST method to fetch bulk entities with AtlasEntitiesWithExtInfo - Atlas - [issue]
...To fetch bulk entities,  guids need to be passed as query params, there can be a limit to the length of URL in GET method. http://localhost:21000/api/atlas/v2/entity/bulk?guid=d08a64f7-a2d4-...    Author: Nixon Rodrigues , 2018-05-16, 23:57
[ATLAS-1723] Add support for exporting all entities associated with a specific tag(ex: PII) - Atlas - [issue]
...From an end user perspective, I believe it will be useful for the customer if there is support for exporting all entities which are tagged with specific tag (ex: PII). The exported entities ...    Author: Ayub Pathan , 2018-05-16, 23:53
[ATLAS-1863] Set default value for primitive types attributes in entity based on attributeDef in Typedef - Atlas - [issue]
...While creating entity if attribute value are not set explicitly for primitive type which are optional, then default value should be set from of typedef attributeDef"attribute...    Author: Nixon Rodrigues , 2018-05-16, 23:53
[expand - 2 more] - Beam high level directions (was "Graal instead of docker?") - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for your email, Romain. It helps understand your goals and whereyou're coming from. I'd also like to see a thinner core, and agree it'sbeneficial to reduce dependencies where possible...
   Author: Robert Bradshaw , Kenneth Knowles , ... , 2018-05-16, 23:53
[expand - 1 more] - Ipvlan, macvlan ... best way for client on host to connect with server in container - Docker - [mail # user]
...[quote="aguylikeyou, post:1, topic:50943, full:true"]I have a server in a standalone docker container and I need a client on the host to connect to it.[/quote]You should launch the container...
   Author: David Maze , Aguylikeyou , ... , 2018-05-16, 23:52
[IMPALA-6645] Consider enabling disk spill encryption by default - Impala - [issue]
...We currently have integrity checks disabled by default because of the additional CPU cost. Now that IMPALA-6219 is in, the integrity checks are cheaper so it may be worth just paying the cos...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2018-05-16, 23:52
[IMPALA-6957] Include number of required threads in explain plan - Impala - [issue]
...Impala has an internal notion of "required threads" to execute a fragment, e.g. the fragment execution thread and the first scanner thread. It's possible to compute the number of required th...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2018-05-16, 23:51