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[expand - 3 more] - Steering Committee Nomination: quinton-hoole (@quinton-hoole) - Kubernetes - [mail # dev]
...+1On Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 11:03:39 AM UTC-7, Quinton Hoole wrote:>> Hello Kubernaughts>> I hereby make myself available for re-election onto the k8s steering > commit...
   Author: Weijin Xu , cuifanglee.923@... , ... , 2018-08-29, 23:55
[expand - 2 more] - [VOTE] Release calcite-avatica-go-3.1.0 (release candidate 0) - Calcite - [mail # dev]
...+1 (binding)Checked hash and signature and compiled. Did not run tests since I don'tcurrently have Avatica set up on my new dev box.--Michael Mior[EMAIL PROTECTED]Le mer. 29 août 2018 à 19:2...
   Author: Michael Mior , Francis Chuang , ... , 2018-08-29, 23:55
testutils/lint: add a nightly lint test - CockroachDB - [pullrequest]
...Move TestHelpURLs to a nightly lint test. It isn't terribly useful to befailing CI builds due to flaky internet.Release note: None...    Author: petermattis , 2018-08-29, 23:55
CR subresources update request fails when using non-storage version's endpoint - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Is this a BUG REPORT or FEATURE REQUEST?:/kind bugWhat happened:When trying to update a CR's subresource (scale or status), the update request fails if the CRD has multiple versions and the ...    Author: roycaihw , 2018-08-29, 23:54
make file envs compatible with fileclient formats - Saltstack - [pullrequest]
...What issues does this PR fix or reference?Bug brought up in #dev in corporate slackTests written?YesCommits signed with GPG?Yes...    Author: gtmanfred , 2018-08-29, 23:49
template to parse file and save to database - Rsyslog - [mail # user]
...I am trying to use the msg contains:  directive to log a specific firewall policy  message to a databasewould this be best to do in a templatecurrently I have it going to a flat fi...
   Author: Jason Prouty , 2018-08-29, 23:47
[PROPOSAL] Dealing with two LTS releases and backports - TrafficServer - [mail # dev]
...Hi all,since we now have two of the “new” style LTS release branches, 7.1.x and 8.0.x, it gets more problematic to deal with backport requests. The issue comes down to the fact that a PR can...
   Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2018-08-29, 23:47
[KAFKA-7357] Reassigned partitions but latest data is still going to old broker - Kafka - [issue]
...Kafka version: kafka_2.11- reassigned a topic with 12 partitions, replicationFactor 1, across 6 brokers using kafka manager. According to the kafka manager, reassignment success...    Author: Venkatesh , 2018-08-29, 23:47
kind: replace all os.Exit with log.Fatal - Kubernetes - [issue]
...follow up to #9202...    Author: BenTheElder , 2018-08-29, 23:43
kind: replace all os.Exit with log.Fatal - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...follow up to #9202...    Author: BenTheElder , 2018-08-29, 23:41