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[expand - 2 more] - Cassandra loading data from another table - Cassandra - [mail # user]
...Christophe, thanks for your insights,Sorry, I forgot to mention that currently both tableA and tableB are being updated by application (all newly inserted/updated records should be identical...
   Author: Richard Xin , Christophe Schmitz , ... , 2018-10-01, 23:58
[expand - 1 more] - Unexpected error spotted by --lint check - SpamAssassin - [mail # user]
...On Mon, 2018-10-01 at 22:45 +0100, RW wrote:> It seems to be related to the use decimal numeric literals > > meta     __YYY          1/2> meta ...
   Author: Martin Gregorie , RW , ... , 2018-10-01, 23:58
Add support of new T3 family - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Feature request to add support of newly launched T3 family. aws-blog-link...    Author: wanghanlin , 2018-10-01, 23:57
JarHell check fails for Java 9 libraries (module-info.class) - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Elasticsearch version:6.3.2, Build: default/zip/053779d/2018-07-20T05:20:23.451332Z, JVM: 9.0.4JVM version:java version "9.0.4"Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 9.0.4+11)Java HotSpot(TM...    Author: jamesdbaker , 2018-10-01, 23:57
Update bazel to 0.17.2 for experimental and bump image - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Hopefully this doesn't break anything (it appears to work on my machine™)./cc @BenTheElder...    Author: Katharine , 2018-10-01, 23:52
Linux-VirtualBox: error: UUID {} of the medium '.minikube/machines/minikube/disk.vmdk' does not match the value {} stored in the media registry - Kubernetes - [issue]
... at TestFunctional and TestPersistence:Waiting for VM "minikube" to power on... } STDERR: { VBoxManage:...    Author: tstromberg , 2018-10-01, 23:52
concourse: move vault auth param to secret - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...Not ready to merge, not tested yet. I am just seeking initial feedback from e.g. @william-tran, @xtremerui. I can test this chart after hours on a live concourse cluster.Vault auth params ar...    Author: chrishiestand , 2018-10-01, 23:51
replace cp and rm commands with mv - Kubernetes - [issue]    Author: Kosmas , 2018-10-01, 23:49
[Concourse] Vault Auth Param should be treated as a secret - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Is this a request for help?:NoIs this a BUG REPORT or FEATURE REQUEST? (choose one):Bug ReportIn the recently merged large PR #7804, the vault auth param was moved from a pair of secrets (Va...    Author: chrishiestand , 2018-10-01, 23:49
[MESOS-5944] Remove `O_SYNC` from StatusUpdateManager logs - Mesos - [issue]
...Currently the StatusUpdateManager uses O_SYNC to flush status updates to disk. We don't need to use O_SYNC because we only read this file if the host did not crash. os::write success implies...    Author: Joris Van Remoortere , 2018-10-01, 23:47