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Replaces more references to glog with klog - Kubernetes - [issue]
...What type of PR is this?/kind cleanupWhat this PR does / why we need it:We've already replaced most references to glog this continues this to some of the comments throughout the projectWhich...    Author: christopherhein , 2019-04-19, 23:59
Add an issue template for kind/cleanup - Kubernetes - [issue]
...I most often find when I want to make a new issue for test-infra, it's something to do with cleaning up something, or following up on something else.When we used templates that put the label...    Author: spiffxp , 2019-04-19, 23:59
Stop enabling alpha admission API in non-alpha PR job against 1.14 - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Followup to #10795Apparently when we added 1.14 jobs we copied from 1.13 rather than from master?Fixes #11850...    Author: spiffxp , 2019-04-19, 23:59
Make needs-rebase label red - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Looking at the tide queries in use today, needs-rebase is merge-blocking for all kubernetes orgs, so yeah I think it's time to make it the same shade of red as do-not-merge/foo labels (it sh...    Author: spiffxp , 2019-04-19, 23:59
[expand - 8 more] - Possible bug in accumulating triggers Python DirectRunner? - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Aah that makes more sense... I'll try that out. Thanks!On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 4:12 PM Kenneth Knowles  wrote:> Oh, wait I didn't even read the pipeline well. You don't have a GBK so...
   Author: Pablo Estrada , Ahmet Altay , ... , 2019-04-19, 23:58
Update third_party/upb - gRPC - [pullrequest]
...To pick up the fix in protocolbuffers/upb#164We need to update upb internally before this PR can be imported....    Author: AspirinSJL , 2019-04-19, 23:58
add a post-mortem for prow outage 2019-02-08 - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Now with Correct GitHub Spelling TM!!!This supercedes #11263Wanted this merged, and @krzyzacy is out for a while longer...    Author: spiffxp , 2019-04-19, 23:58
Revert "Revert #18733" - gRPC - [pullrequest]
...Reverts #18747We need to update upb internally before this PR can be imported....    Author: AspirinSJL , 2019-04-19, 23:57
Failing Test: gce-new-upgrade-parallel Could not reach HTTP service through after 2m0s - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Failing Test Job: gce-new-master-upgrade-cluster-parallelTest Failure:  [sig-cluster-lifecycle] Upgrade [Feature:Upgrade] cluster upgrade should maintain a functioning cluster [Feature:...    Author: jberkus , 2019-04-19, 23:56
[expand - 5 more] - Blocker on drill upgrade path - Drill - [mail # user]
...Interesting that it ran on 1.13..but I still think the new behavior is theright one.  Several changes went into Calcite between Drill's 1.13 and 1.15release, so I cannot identify when t...
   Author: Aman Sinha , Nitin Pawar , ... , 2019-04-19, 23:54